The arrival of Dancing Yodeler

Dancing Yodeler will be loaded onto a horse van and ship from Golden Gate Fields in California on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning. He is expected to be on the grounds at Emerald Downs sometime on Thursday.

Help us welcome him to the Emerald Racing Club by voting on his barn name by clicking the link to the poll below!

View Qualtrics Poll


4 thoughts on “The arrival of Dancing Yodeler

  1. Hi Sophia, just curious and for my own future information (I occasionally need a shipper), who do Larry & Sharon use for shipping? Also, is Larry coming up or is he staying in CA?

  2. Gosh, I didn’t realize they got a new barn name each time they move to new connections. Do you know his prior barn names…or even his last one? Seems like this guy has had a lot of changes in his relatively young life.

  3. I agree with Chris – I would much rather he keep his existing barn name. We never change barn names for new horses (unless, of course, it’s something really dorky like “Precious”).

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