Yodeler Arrives at Emerald Downs

Dancing Yodeler, dubbed “Yodeler” after a vote of Club members, arrived at Emerald Downs around 11 pm on Wednesday, April 9. We visited him in the barn on Thursday morning to see how he’s settling in.

He appeared alert and bright eyed. It will take him a couple days to settle into his new barn and trainer Sharon Ross plans to walk him the next couple days to let him acclimate.

Upon initial assessment, she is pleased with how clean his legs are, how strong he appears and his overall health and condition. His temperature is being monitored as well and it is normal. In the coming days he will be wormed, vaccinated, and have his teeth and feet checked.


On another note…just how do you take a horse’s temperature? A thermometer is inserted into the horses rectum. Typically a piece of yarn tied to a clothes pin is then attached to the horse’s tail in order to not “lose” the thermometer. Or in the case of a digital thermometer, it is held until it takes a reading. Then it is taken out and read after a couple minutes. Normal range is 99 – 101 degrees F.

Aren’t you glad you aren’t a racehorse!


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