Yodeler to train in front of Emerald Racing Club April 13

Dancing Yodeler is expected to train “second after the break” today on Sunday, April 13. He will be stepping out on the track at approximately 10:20 am to go for an easy gallop. I hope you all brought your cameras to catch your racehorse in action!

We tend to refer to when a horse will work or gallop in relation to what order they appear after the track opens for the morning or from renovation break. That is because the times can get delayed. But if you count the horses from the Ross barn and see the first one go out and train, then you can begin to look for the second one “after the break.”

Jockeys will also reference this, “I can catch you third after the break,” might mean the jockey has two other horses to get on for trainers before they can get to yours.

This morning, Yodeler will be galloped by an exercise rider named Brian. Typically the jockey will only be in the saddle for high speed workouts.

And an update regarding the tram tour. The tram will only be visiting the vet clinic this morning and not the stable area. The trams are only permitted in the stable area after the track has closed for training and the track won’t close for training until 12:30 am today. Typically the track closes early (about 11) which we had initially planned on, but we’ve had to adjust slightly!

The rest of the day’s activities will continue as planned with the added bonus of getting to see Yodeler have his first gallop over the racetrack since he arrived.

See you all VERY soon!




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