Emerald Racing Club Silks Are Here

One of the great joys of racehorse ownership is designing and having your own silks made.

The Emerald Racing Club silks arrived today and here they are!


A lot of thought went into the design of our silks. First and foremost we wanted something that was easily recognizable. Secondly, we got a bit whimsical and wanted something that captures the dream of owning a racehorse.

If the silks look familiar, try picturing them in blue and white. And then picture them atop another chestnut horse…named Secretariat.



If you delve into owning racehorses on your own, this fun step is part of the process. Jan Baze (the Horsemen’s Bookkeeper that most of you met when you got your Horsemens passes and parking) makes them by hand.

You can bring her a sketch of what you’d like, or she can help you design them. The cost of the silks, pending the final invoice, is $230.

After receiving them, I then went next door to the racing office to “register” them with Jan McDowell. At that point a brief description is put into their computer. When Yodeler is entered to race, the computer will then generate that description to go into the program pages.

The next time you go to the races look at the owner’s silks. And then try to guess what significance they have to the owner. Spooner Farms own racehorses and their silks have a red strawberry on the back. An obvious nod to their strawberry farm.




6 thoughts on “Emerald Racing Club Silks Are Here

  1. Sophia, these are beautiful! An excellent choice – both color and design – love the nod to my boy, Secretariat.

  2. I just want to let everyone know that for me this is a dream come true to own a racehorse. Thanks to all the other owners and my mom and Mothers Day is approaching; I just want to say thank you and now looking forward to our first race and maybe someday on to the Winners Circle with our beautiful silks on our beautiful chestnut gelding racehorse!

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