Yodeler Workout and April Finances

Yodeler worked an easy half mile this morning with Felipe aboard. He went 48.60 and was 4/10 for the distance.

A friendly reminder to wear your lanyards when you visit the track. This morning the groom forgot to put Yodeler’s saddle towel on him so Sharon was able to point him out to the owners that she saw with lanyards. Also, if you aren’t wearing it and start inquiring about the horse, Sharon just might not be as forthcoming with information!



April’s finances are in and the Club had total expenditures in April of $6,237.86 including the claim of Yodeler.

Here is the April Budget with the actual expenditures including the claim price and the 9% sales tax. The money was wire transferred from the horsemen’s bookkeeper here at Emerald Downs to Golden Gate prior to the claim. We have additional money sitting in our account there in case there’s another opportunity to claim.

And here are the PDFs of the four April Invoices we received and paid.

The invoices are very straightforward.

1) Larry and Sharon Ross show the training fees for the five days that Yodeler was in CA (slightly higher than in WA at $65/day), and then after when he arrived at Emerald Downs ($55/day).

There’s also the Shoeing that took place on 4/17. And they purchased a halter for him for $18.

2) The second invoice is from Belvoir Horse Transportation for Yodeler’s trip to Emerald Downs. Cost was $450.

3) The third is the invoice for the silks and saddle towels for $306.60.

4) And finally, the invoice for your lovely lanyards for $375.26.

We expect to receive two more invoices:

One from the vet in California that did an oil treatment for Yodeler before he shipped as a precaution against colic. And a second invoice from Dr. Stenslie for the dental work and vaccinations Yodeler received. Once that invoice arrives I’ll post it as well.

Dr. Stenslie works on Yodeler's teeth.

Dr. Stenslie works on Yodeler’s teeth.

ERC member Katherine meets Yodeler for the first time.

ERC member Katherine meets Yodeler for the first time.







4 thoughts on “Yodeler Workout and April Finances

    • If you have not received a lanyard yet, please make arrangements to pick one up in my office. I am in Wednesday – Sunday. I am located in the Administrative offices in the Grandstand.

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