Anelina Arrives and Yodeler Works

Farm Visit Recap

The farm visits at El Dorado, Blue Ribbon Farm, and Griffin Place were a huge hit for those able to attend. We have some photos of Club members with the great 35-year-old Thoroughbred Stallion, Peterhof, at El Dorado. I’ll post the link to our Flickr Photo Album and additional pictures as soon as they are uploaded. I think our new jockey has potential, just needs a few more years…

Cherokee gives a ride to a young fan at El Dorado Farms Sunday, May 18.

Cherokee gives a ride to a young fan at El Dorado Farms Sunday, May 18.

Ana Arrives

Ana arrived this morning from California and appears to have shipped in fine form. She’s a beautiful mare and seems to like attention and carrots. Despite having just walked off the horse van this morning, she was bright eyed and happy to receive visitors this morning. She’s a bit more interactive than Yodeler and is stabled next to him.


Club members greet Ana after her arrival.

Ana welcomes her admirers.

Ana welcomes her admirers.

Yodeler Training Recap

Track photographer Erin Palmer was out the other morning and snapped some great shots of our boy training. As we’ve discovered, he’s an enthusiastic galloper so we’ve kept him jogging.

As a side note – if you’d like to purchase any of the track photographer’s photos, call Erin Palmer on her cell – 503-380-0430. Quite frankly, I can never get any quite as good as hers!

Dancing Yodeler

Dancing Yodeler

Dancing Yodeler

Dancing Yodeler

Yodeler had an easy workout Thursday morning, going a half-mile in :51 seconds flat, 17th of 17 horses for the distance. This was really a maintenance work since he is plenty fit and ready to run. This will be his last workout before June 1. Fingers crossed the race goes and we will know Thursday if he will run.

The Paddock

The paddock at Emerald Downs

The paddock at Emerald Downs

The Paddock is where the horses go before every race and receive their saddle towel with post position number, saddle and their jockey. It is also where the owners stand to watch their horse get ready to run and where the trainer will give final instructions and a leg up to the jockey. This is a restricted area.

Many of you have asked about the paddock on race day and who will be permitted to be in the paddock. We will be limited on the amount of people that we can take into the paddock. Participants will be selected via random draw each time one of the horses runs until everyone has had an opportunity to go. The paddock will be for Club members only, I’m afraid we simply won’t have room to accommodate additional family members or friends. They will have to wait outside the paddock and get great photos of you!

How the process will work…once Yodeler is confirmed entered and the race is a “go”, we will make a determination on how many people can safely enter the paddock. This determination will be based on field size (the more horses, the less room we have). Then we will ask for RSVP from those planning to attend that race day. Once we have that list we’ll randomly draw those that will be able to go into the paddock. It’s a bit cumbersome, but seems to be the fairest way to make sure everyone gets a turn.



One thought on “Anelina Arrives and Yodeler Works

  1. Super!!! Love the email, and all the information you provide. We really enjoyed the visit this morning, thanks so much for coordinating it. Oh, and thanks for the information on that app for our phones. They have it for iPhones AND Android, and we already have it up and going on both, so we can watch next weekend when we are in AZ! Enjoy your weekend! Jacque

    Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 00:24:47 +0000 To:

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