Yodeler Runs Third in Emerald Downs Debut!

Dancing Yodeler continued his consistent form with a game third place finish in his Emerald Downs debut!

Full chart results are available through Equibase.com. Click the link and select race 8. If you’d like to watch his replay go to http://www.emeralddowns.com, Click Racing>Race Replays.

More recap to come Wednesday but in the words of trainer Sharon Ross, “He ran good!”




7 thoughts on “Yodeler Runs Third in Emerald Downs Debut!

  1. Super exciting! Virgil and I are sorry to have missed his debut, but won’t be out of town for the next one, or for Anelina!

  2. What a great Race! I am so glad to have been able to be a part of the Club. Great Day! Thank you for putting together such a nice event with the tent and everything.

  3. Yodeler’s a real game runner and looks like he took to the dirt track very well! Pressed the pace through pretty fast fractions, lost second by a head but continued to fight in between the two horses, and nosed out the 4th place horse. Went off as the betting favorite…might his hundreds of fans have had something to do with that…lol. My family and I had a great time! Thanks for once again making us all feel special with our very own reserved space at a prime location at the track!!!

  4. Excellent day to be at the track! A $3200 claimer hitting the 3rd spot in a $7200 claiming race ain’t to shabby. Good times.

  5. Sophia:

    Great day for the races. Outcome was thrilling even in defeat.

    Question re: winners circle. Had we won would everyone be in photo? Take photos in shifts? Or limited to only those who were in paddock? Seems to me it should b all owners but obviously with size of group there are logistical problems to deal with.


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