What Just Happened?

Wow! Dancing Yodeler just raced for the first time at Emerald Downs. And what just happened!?

ERC member Jim Maher was kind enough to share the following photos to recap the day and share it with those that were unable to make it.

yodeler tongue

Dancing Yodeler in the paddock at Emerald Downs.

Dancing Yodeler (center) battles down the stretch.

Dancing Yodeler (center) battles down the stretch.

Dancing Yodeler looking quite pleased with himself post race.

Dancing Yodeler looking quite pleased with himself post race.

Sharon wanted to pass along this message to all of you:

“I’d like to let all the ERC members know that it was very special to have all of them rooting for him and clapping when he came back because they could see he tried really hard. They will be good horse owners if they always appreciate all the effort from the horse and his humans each time they go out there.”

Race Day Notes:

You’ll notice Yodeler’s very prominent tongue hanging out of his mouth! This is because he has a “tongue tie” on. A tongue tie is a soft piece of cloth used to tie the tongue down. It loops around the tongue and then ties under the horse’s chin. You have to take special care to make sure it isn’t too tight, but is still secure enough to stay in place.

This is an important piece of “equipment”. It keeps the horse’s tongue from getting over the bit. If the tongue gets over the bit it can cut off the horse’s air and the jockey also would have less control. Some horses dislike it immensely, and some don’t mind at all. Yodeler doesn’t mind this piece of equipment, but a side effect is that he hangs his tongue out of his mouth.


First and foremost, Yodeler returned to the track today for the first time since his race and in the words of Sharon, “he trained like a monster!” She’ll need a few more days to assess how he came out of the race but every indication points to a healthy and happy horse.

Purse Money

Yodeler finished third – so what did we win?

If you had a program on Sunday, you would have seen at the top of the race that the purse was $7,200. Also, if we refer to the official chart, we can see how much the purse was and how much was paid out to each placing.

In the chart from Yodeler’s race referenced below the purse is $7,200, but the “Available Money” and “Value of Race” state $7,575. Why the discrepancy?

The difference of $375 is because Emerald Downs pays out an unplaced fee of $125. However, at the time of the condition book, we don’t know how many runners will actually partake so that “unplaced” money can’t be figured in until the race is run. It doesn’t change the amount of money paid out to 1st – 5th, but it does affect the total money you see on the chart below.


Yodeler earned $1,080 for his third place finish on Sunday. Of that amount, jockey Felipe Valdez earned $60 and trainers Larry and Sharon Ross earned 10% – $108.

Leaving us with a net $912.

Additional charges that we’ll see with June’s financial statement:

  • Vet expenses related to his race day (he received Lasix)
  • Pony person (the rider and horse that escorted Yodeler to the starting gate)

We’ll review these again next month, and May’s recap will come shortly.

Anelina Update

Ana had her first workout on Monday with current leading jockey Leslie Mawing aboard. She went four furlongs (1/2 mile) in 48.80. Link to Equibase Workouts here. She was 10/15 for the distance and did it easily.

We’ll look forward to a race for her in the next condition book. Stay tuned!




One thought on “What Just Happened?

  1. It was such a fun day. It was so exciting to see Dancing Yodeler battle so hard for that race. He did really well. It was entertaining to listen to the loudspeakers talk about our club and all the owners of this horse. I can’t wait to do it again! Not sure I want to bet on my own horses though. Crazy how all these owners affected the odds!

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