Yodeler’s Next Race – Father’s Day (tentative)

Yodeler is set to be entered tomorrow (Thursday) for Sunday, June 15. Entries will close tomorrow and we’ll know definitively tomorrow afternoon if the race is a go!

In a previous post we walked through the entry process and the condition book. Condition Book #4 covers the period of June 13 – June 29th. But rather than go day by day…is there an easier way to see if there are races available for your horse?

The short answer is yes and it is called the Race Index. On Emeralddowns.com under Horsemen>Condition Books is Index 4 for Thoroughbreds.



Yodeler falls into the colts and geldings, Three Year Olds and Upward, “Short”.

He’s a $5,000 claimer noted as C5000-4000. From the index we can see at a glance that the only races in the book (covering June 13 – June 29) is June 15 or June 29. If we don’t enter for June 15, our next chance will be June 29.

As of today, all systems are a go for entering to run June 15.

Anelina’s First Race

What about Ana? We have to refer to Fillies and Mares, Three Year Olds and Upward, “Short” or “Long.”



Ana is a little different than Yodeler. She was claimed for $6,250 at Golden Gate, which is a level that you can see from above is not available at Emerald Downs. So for her first start, she’ll be pointed toward a $7,500 claiming race. The only one available for C7500 is going “short” on June 20. Once we know this, then we can look at June 20 in the condition book for the specifics on how far the race is.

The condition book shows the race as going six and a half furlongs. Ana has a bit more versatility than Yodeler. She’s sprinted (races under 1 mile) and gone a route (races at a mile or over). Six and a half furlongs will be a good distance for her to try her legs over the surface and see how she fares.  Entries close June 15 for Friday, June 20 so we should know by end of day Sunday if Ana will race the following Friday.




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