Expenses for the month of May

Total Club expenses for May were $11,168 and that amount included the claim of Anelina. May Budget is here.

Breakdown of expenses:

1) Claim for Anelina – $6,250 + 9% sales tax ($562.50) = $6,812.50

2) Edmondson Horse Transportation – $450 for shipping Anelina from California. The same amount we paid to ship Yodeler in April.

3) May Training Bill for the Ross barn for both Yodeler and Anelina totaling $3,228. These are pretty self-explanatory so I won’t go into additional details other than to mention that the Ivermectin for $7.50 for each of them is a wormer. Worming is an essential part of horse healthcare and is typically administered in the spring and fall. It’s a paste that is given orally and is used to combat parasitic worms.

4) Vet bills totaled $402.50:

Sport Horse Medicine bill (Dr. Stenslie) included Yodeler’s teeth float, sedation for teeth floating, and a joint health supplement called Legend (given via injection into the muscle).

Cavalli Equine Veterinary Services (Dr. Bergsma) for $52.50 for Butazoladin aka Bute and ESE/DEX given to Yodeler the day prior to his race. Bute is an anti-inflammatory and is often compared to taking an aspirin in humans. ESE/DEX is vitamin E and Selenium – both found to be lacking in the feed in this area. Vitamin E can also have a relaxing effect, and the Dexamethasone (DEX) is used to help combat any potential allergic reaction to the vitamin E and selenium. Dexamethasone is categorized as a therapeutic medication and is permissible on a serum or plasma test provided it’s under the threshold of 1 nanogram per ml per WAC 260-70-630 (this references the specific rule in the Rules of Racing governing WA Horse Racing). It’s been determined that any presence of the drug under this threshold will have no effect on the horse’s performance.

I hope to offer a more in-depth blog post regarding permitted medications in racing by Dr. Everett MaComber from the Washington Horse Racing Commission later this season.

5) $250 for trainer Victor Trujillo for dropping the claim on May 10, collecting Anelina, and stabling her overnight before she was moved to the Ross barn. There also was an additional $25 charged by the California Horse Racing Board for making Victor the authorized agent. This is noted as the $275 in misc expenses on the budget sheet and is shown in the Golden Gate Statement.


Many thanks to ERC member Wayne Nagai for the photos from Yodeler’s last race.


Yodeler on post parade June 1. Photo by ERC member Wayne Nagai.


Hip Hop City edges Yodeler on June 1. Photo by ERC member Wayne Nagai.


Yodeler, under jockey Felipe Valdez, returns to the unsaddling area after his race June 1. Photo by ERC member Wayne Nagai.


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