Please Read – Yodeler’s Race

Two very important items to be aware of for tomorrow:

1) If the track conditions are sloppy or muddy, Yodeler will SCRATCH. I’ll post here as soon as we know one way or the other.

From Sharon: The horse comes first and this horse will not run on a muddy or sloppy track. He is doing great – squealing in his stall this morning – but there will always be another day – but if we hurt him on a wet track there will be no other day. 

2) No barn visits on race day. We are intending to run and have fingers crossed for a good track. Barn visits are not permitted on race day to protect Yodeler from any possible contamination and also to keep him as quiet as possible. Race day can be stressful even without disruptions.

If Yodeler runs, the 20 people drawn for the paddock visit tomorrow are:

Jon Shanks
Marty Smith
Lana Nugent
Cathi Udasco-Dunn
Glenn Akramoff
David Pitts
Robert Greco
Brian Guenther
Greg Green
Robert Buendia
Scott Jofuku
Virginia Sharpy
Jacque Dempster
Virgil Maas
Pete Deraitus
Wade Thorlacius
Stacy Kanda
Jet Parrett
Andy Ward
Patricia Klump
Cindy Tomlinson

Please go to the paddock immediately after the 1st race. Meet in the middle of the paddock by the lawn jockey. I will meet you there. If he does not run, then you’ll get first option on the paddock for Ana’s first race (tentative June 20).

I apologize about the uncertainty surrounding tomorrow’s race but….that’s horse racing!

And on a fun note – Yodeler was visited by the chiropractor (yes, there are horse chiros) and he loved it!



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