Yodeler a “Go” as of 11:30 am, Seats for Father’s Day

As of 11:30 am – Yodeler is a “go” for his race today. We didn’t receive any rain over night and despite a handful of sprinkles this morning, the weather is holding.

Pending any deluge, Yodeler will run!

If you have been making last minute reservations for Will Call, please note that we have tickets at Will Call under Emerald Racing Club. The Will Call gate will accommodate you if they see your lanyard.

Also, we have been able to set aside Section 19 (3rd floor Grandstand) for seating for you. After you come in the gates proceed to the 3rd floor reserved seating and the usher will seat you in section 19. Again, they have been told to accommodate ERC members (and guests) with lanyards.

Ana Update

Ana’s race did not “fill” for Friday, which means that she will not race on Friday. You can see from the photo below that “Book 7” only had 5 entries and the racing secretary opted to use the seven races with the most entries.

Ana Entry

However, the racing secretary, Bret Anderson, has the option to “write it back” for the next entry day. “Extra” races are races available to enter in that are not in the previously published condition book.

Because Book 7 had five entries, it will be “brought back” on Wednesday, when they accept entries for Saturday.

Ana will be re-entered on Wednesday for a race on Saturday. We will know Wednesday afternoon if the race filled and if she will run on Saturday, June 21.


And in honor of Father’s Day – here’s photos of Yodeler’s and Ana’s fathers.

Swiss Yodeler

Swiss Yodeler stands in California and is the sire of Dancing Yodeler. In horse terms, “sire” will always refer to the horse’s father.

Interestingly enough, if you have two horses by the same sire, they are not considered half-siblings. BUT if you have two horses out of the same dam (mother), but different sires, they are called half-siblings. This is because a sire might have 100 progeny in one year, but a dam will only have one foal a year.

lion heart

Lion Heart is Anelina’s sire. Lion Heart was an accomplished racehorse and finished second in the 2004 Kentucky Derby to Smarty Jones. He stood at Ashford Farm in Kentucky before being sold to the National Stud in Turkey.

Happy Father’s Day!




7 thoughts on “Yodeler a “Go” as of 11:30 am, Seats for Father’s Day

  1. What do you mean tickets in Will Call ? Can my guest get in free as well?? Thanks Brett

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Hi Brett,

      Yes, today your guests can get in provided that they accompany you. But you must go through the Will Call Gate and have your lanyard. We had approximately 100 people make reservations for Will Call just from the Emerald Racing Club. So to expedite the gate, the tickets are being left under Emerald Racing Club. Please let me know if you have any problem! This is one of our biggest days of the year and the gates can get a little overwhelmed! And remember that your Horsemen Guest Passes also work for admission and can be used at any Pass Gate.

    • The competition would be very tough and because she’s an experienced mare, we don’t have much to gain by running her over her head. She ran for $6,250 last out, but her starts before were for $5,000 and $4,000.

      It’s a valid question as there are horses that would benefit from an outing, regardless of level.

  2. Great!! A 2nd horse failed to run this week. Not a good week for those of us who are fans of these horses. Their health and safety is omniportant. I hope politics and issues of drug testing don’t surface.

    • Hi Lynn,

      I’m concerned about your comments and obvious disappointment. I don’t see your name as an owner on the Emerald Racing Club member list – perhaps your spouse is a member and I can try to address your concerns?

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