Anelina To Race Saturday, June 21

Anelina was entered today and her race is a go for Saturday, June 21!

She is in the 6th race – a $7,500 claiming race for fillies and mares, three years old and upward. She is in post 3 of seven horses. Overnight is here.

The Trackside Tents are again open for the Emerald Racing Club to use. Same deal as Yodeler’s race, non-alcoholic beverages are comped, cash bar available for those looking to have an adult beverage.

To alleviate the burden on the office for accommodating Will Call for all 128 of you, we will be leaving tickets at the Will Call gate under Emerald Racing Club. No need to call in to make your reservation unless you’d like to sit somewhere else. And no need to RSVP as we still have the list of 20 from Sunday that will go in the paddock:

Jon Shanks
Marty Smith
Lana Nugent
Cathi Udasco-Dunn
Glenn Akramoff
David Pitts
Robert Greco
Brian Guenther
Greg Green
Robert Buendia
Scott Jofuku
Virginia Sharpy
Jacque Dempster
Virgil Maas
Pete Deraitus
Wade Thorlacius
Stacy Kanda
Jet Parrett
Andy Ward
Patricia Klump
Cindy Tomlinson

Please meet at the entrance to the Trackside Tents immediately after the 5th race to be escorted to the paddock by one of our customer service staff.

And as a reminder, please be kind to our staff. On Father’s Day we had reports that one of our staff were treated harshly by folks identifying with the Emerald Racing Club. Whether it was the disappointment of Yodeler not running or perhaps the stress of a big day, please be kind to each other and to our staff.

Yodeler Update

Yodeler is scheduled to have a workout on Thursday or Friday. There is a race for him next weekend. Can you take what you’ve learned thus far and identify the race he is being pointed towards? Condition book is here.






12 thoughts on “Anelina To Race Saturday, June 21

  1. Nice! We should make that happen. The folks need to get out once in a while anyway.

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  2. For Yodeler’s next race how about this one:

  3. I am so sorry about the reports of people in our racing club treating the staff poorly. I had nothing but courteous staff, bending over backwards to make sure we were having a good time. We are fortunate for this opportunity and should respect the people who are working to make this a very pleasant experienced,(which it has been all along) Being in the Emerald Racing Club doesn’t elevate us to a higher status at the track, but affords us opportunities we haven’t experienced before. I for one appreciate the perks that go along with being a member of the club and I hope the other members feel the same way. The hard working staff deserves our utmost respect for a job well done.

  4. I agree with Chuck’s statement and would like to add that I, for one, was glad that Yodeler was scratched from the race on Saturday, even though I drove all the way from Camano Island just to watch him. I believe his safety must always come first. I was amazed at how quickly the track went from “fast” to “sloppy”. We were notified that Yodeler might be scratched if conditions changed so it wasn’t a surprise. The staff deserves our utmost respect, they are doing a wonderful job!
    A special Thank You to Sharon Ross and Sophia Mckee!

  5. I also agree. The perks that come with this racing club are nothing short of amazing and that safety comes first for our horses is part of the attraction! Everyone at Emerald Downs have gone out of their way to be nice to us and my family and friends have been equally impressed. We appreciate all you and Sharon are doing!

  6. I agree totally ! the rain came so hard and fast I was amazed as to how little water was left on the track. Was VERY happy that Yodeler didn`t run- would much rather have him safe and happy! And what a shame that people have to treat the track staff harshly whether you`re in the Emerald Racing Club or not!! Everyone is so very nice and helpful ( thank you Larry and Sharon, Sophia , Joanne , Chris And the other people who are at the Emerald ED table ! ) Sheesh I know I`m missing others but to all …. A BIG THANK YOU!!!!!

  7. Just wondering, would Anelina also be a scratch if the track is sloppy? (I see the weather report has 0% chance of rain, but you never know with our state)

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