Paddock for Sunday

Paddock List for Sunday:

Robert Buendia
Virginia Sharpy
Mike Waters
Steve Priem
Chris Trujillo
Brad Meyer
Jim Engstrom
Robert and Celia Handley
Gerald Flowers
CJ Koenig
Marla (Kay) Ray
John Goebel

Meet at the entrance to the Paddock immediately after the 6th race. Our Customer Service Staff will meet you and walk you in to the Post 7 spot.

Ana Update

Ana continues to have some edema in the left ankle so she has not gone to the track to train. Dr. Stenslie evaluated it again this morning and can’t find anything, nor has she exhibited any soreness. However, we will give it a little more time and possibly ultrasound on Monday. If she whacked her leg, the edema could be a result of a broken blood vessel.

Save The Date

Save Saturday, August 2 in your calendars. We are building a sales seminar that we will hold in the Emerald Room for Emerald Racing Club members. This will precede a weekend visiting Sales Prep Farms (that’s still in the works) and the WTBOA Yearling Sale on Tuesday, August 26.

More details to come.


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