June Financials and Yodeler to Race Sunday

June was a productive month for the Emerald Racing Club with three starts between the two horses. June Budget Actuals shows the club earned $3,075 while incurring $4,554.25 in expenses. Statement of account, training bill, and vet bills are here: June Bills The Cavalli Equine Veterinary Services is a great demonstration of the vet bill you expect to see regarding the race day medication. The bute (butazoladin) is administered as an injection the day prior to the race. And the Lasix is administered the day of the race. Most horses race on Lasix and it is indicated as an “L” in the race day program to the right of the horse’s name. If the L has a circle around it, then that indicates the horse is a “first-time Lasix” and will be running on it for the first time. yodeler page Lasix is a diuretic (makes you lose water) and is used in the treatment and prevention of EIPH (exercised induced pulmonary hemorrhage) also known as “bleeding.” When a racehorse is at full speed the capillaries in the lungs are under extreme pressure and can burst – leading to blood in the lungs and making it difficult for a horse to breath. The Lasix is believed to lower the blood pressure in the lungs and thereby reduce or prevent EIPH. Severe bleeding and damage in the lungs can also lead to an infection. Yodeler has received it each time he’s run, and you’ll also see it noted on the day that he scratched. Lasix must be administered at least four hours prior to the race, so he had already received the Lasix before scratching. For Anelina’s race on June 21, we see the same treatment program, but then also the immediate results from her injury: a bute/banamine injection administered after the race when we determined she had hurt herself. The two act as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller. The tranquilizer kept her calm while the cast was applied. We don’t have her bills yet for the x-ray and ultrasound that were taken in the week after. They will be posted with July’s financials due to Dr. Stenslie’s billing cycle. Yodeler’s Next Race: Yodeler’s race is a go for Sunday, July 13. He is in race 10, post 4 in a 6 horse field. Here is the link to the overnight. The race distance is 6 1/2 furlongs. He has been “dropped in class” from an open $5,000 claiming to a $3,500 conditional claimer. The conditions are that the horses must not have won two races in 2014. He’s only won one, so he is eligible. Three of the five competitors he’s against he faced in his first race here at Emerald (and defeated); Snooper Dauper, Buddy Dave, and Rezar. So those horses are also stepping down in class to find an easier spot. We also have a jockey change from Felipe Valdez to leading jockey Leslie Mawing. Tickets will be left at the Will Call Window under Emerald Racing Club for those of you planning on bringing additional guests, so no need to email the Horsemen’s Liaison unless you are looking to make reservations in the Rainier Terrace restaurant or in the boxes. Section 15 is open seating and a reminder that Sunday is Wiener Dog Day! Leave your own Dachshund at home, but come watch the four-legged furballs race down the track. We’ll have the wiener dogs on the track after races 3, 4 and 5. Ana Update: Anelina has streptococcus, a virus caused by natural occurring bacteria. It manifest itself in the lymph nodes and has resulted in an abscess under her jaw. The abscess had not popped as of this morning, but once it does, it will drain all the bacteria out and she will recover. As long as there is no fever, there shouldn’t be a need for antibiotics and it will clear up on it’s own. ana_abcess IMPORTANT: If you visit the barn, pet all the other horses first and then pet Ana last. DO NOT touch any other horses after touching her as it is contagious and we do not want to infect any other horses in the barn. Wash your hands well after petting her. This is extremely important – if Yodeler (or any of the other horses) were to contract it as well, he will not be able to race.    


15 thoughts on “June Financials and Yodeler to Race Sunday

  1. Thanks, Sophia. So interesting to read through the financials. I have lots of questions, some about the medications but will save those for what I hope will be a separate guest post about permitted medications by Dr. Everett MaComber (I saw on the WHRC site that there’s been a change in those regs!). For now:
    – Why did we get credit for $500 on June 6 from the track office? Was that just a late-arriving club membership fee? Or something else?
    – I didn’t know trainers get 10% of purses when the horses don’t win. Not opposed to it; just didn’t know that. Does that apply for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd only? What about 4th, 5th, etc.?
    – I’ve heard that vet records that don’t travel with the horse when a horse is claimed can mean some horses get duplicate tests, medications, treatment. Sounds like, when we got them both, Yodeler and Ana had vet work that maybe wasn’t needed, just in case? If that’s so, any movement to create a vet record that travels with the horse during a barn change? Yes, I know it’d be best for that to be at a national level, but what about horses that get claimed by another trainer at EMD? Even informally passing on info?
    – Good to see owners contribute to jockey’s insurance along with the mount fee. Do you know what the outer limit coverage amount is at EMD? $1 million? $500,000? Is that a mandatory contribution or voluntary?
    – Regarding the $5 showing twice for Horse Retirement Fund, also good to see. Is that $5 per start? Or per horse per month? Does the money go into the Prodigious Fund? Is it voluntary? Is it unique to EMD? All tracks in Washington? I’m really very happy to see that! I’m not sure that happens everywhere.

    I know…too many questions! There’s so much to learn, even having been a fan following racing since age 4, I had no idea how much I don’t know!!!

    • Hi Chris,

      To answer your questions:
      -The $500 was a late payment on Club membership – we had some trouble with a credit card.
      -Trainer receives 10% of the purse for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. This is paid directly out of the owner’s account unless the owner has opted to pay separately, in which case the trainer would bill the owner separately for the 10%.
      -Vet records do not travel with the horse so when you claim a horse you do not know what they have received in the past. It’s good management with a horse you don’t know to do the standard vaccinations not only to protect the horse you just claimed, but also to protect the other horses in the barn. Some trainers will not vaccinate when they claim a new horse, it tends to come down to personal preference as well as finances. Personal communication with the previous trainer can be hit or miss. They may not be forthcoming with information if you’ve just claimed their horse. That being said, after Ana’s injury, we did speak with her previous trainer to see if she had any prior trouble with that ankle and he shared that she had no previous injury.
      -Jockey insurance contribution is mandatory and is on a per start basis. Emerald Downs has a $1 million dollar policy.
      -Prodigious Fund has a voluntary $1 per start contribution (we have 100% participation) and it can be increased at the owner’s option. For the ERC we opted for a $5/start contribution. Prodigious Fund is unique to Emerald Downs. Other tracks may have mandatory or voluntary contributions for racehorse retirement and work with retirement organizations local to their facility. Some states even allocate dollars from slots revenue for racehorse retirement.

      • Thanks! Glad to hear you checked with Ana’s trainer and he reported no previous injuries. I’m looking forward to her next ultrasound and hoping for good news!

        I’m enjoying the videos of the Prodigious Fund’s 100 Day Challenge and hoped that was the fund we help support! While it may be that we’re just hearing more about things like TB “aftercare” (100% when it’s voluntary…wow) and jockeys’ insurance needs, I’m glad to know that EMD is doing these things and not just minimally and owners are participating. Sometimes it feels like change comes too slowly in this industry. Obviously owners need to be part of the change!

    • Hi Gina,

      Not at this time! We’ll incur some vet expenses with Ana’s diagnostics and our budget is built until the end of September, although the possibility of needing to pay board for the horses past the end of the meet could also happen so we have some padding in there!

      • Continuing the speculation: If Yodeler gets claimed out of the class-drop race Sunday, will we use the money to claim another horse? Or was that only an option up to the half-way point in the meet?

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