Paddock List for Sunday

Please meet at the entrance to the paddock Sunday immediately after the 9th race. You’ll be escorted in by our customer service staff. Please just check in with them, because then we know if we are missing someone.

Because it is a short field of 6 horses we are able to accommodate more people in the paddock:

  • Donna Edwards
  • Shirley Wagner
  • Cedra DuFlon-Heide
  • Annie George
  • Michael Monelli
  • Ed Milo
  • Gina Goodyear
  • Liz Ayers
  • Mark Babin
  • Shelley Davis
  • Eric Burton
  • Jim Engstrom
  • David Pitts
  • Deb Lee
  • Roberta Pease
  • Robert Crowe
  • Arve Glenn
  • Joy Carlson

The analysis in the Daily Racing From by Nick Rousso has Dancing Yodeler predicted to run second: ” But if War Wizard is at less than 100 percent, then Dancing Yodeler, the people’s horse, can get his much anticipated first Emerald victory. These horses are a cut below the scorpions he faced in his first two starts of the meeting.”

Speaking of victories – if we are fortunate enough to have Yodeler’s head in front at the wire, you ALL (plus family) can come down for the Win Photo. We’ll do it old school – on the racetrack by the finish line. Customer service will be on hand to assist at the entrance gates to the winner’s circle.

But as always, we hope for a safe trip and a healthy, happy horse. See you Sunday!

2 thoughts on “Paddock List for Sunday

  1. Well, congratulations to the Emerald Downs Racing Club. I wish I could share your jubilation
    of having some stake in Dancing Yodeler, but alas, I’m just one of his fans from the State of North Carolina.

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