Dancing Yodeler Wins Big


Dancing Yodeler did it! He won in breath stealing fashion. At the 1/4 pole, we all surely were rooting for him simply to get fifth. At the 1/8 pole, we would have been happy with fourth. But then suddenly, in the final 1/16th of a mile, something happened. Something in that big chestnut’s heart came to the surface and with his tongue flying, the game gelding bellied down and gave it his all. With his ears pinned he dug in, found another gear and closed between horses to find the front – and the crowd went wild!


The grand experience in racehorse ownership couldn’t possibly have had a more fairy tale ending than it did today on a hot, humid day. With the slightest hint of rain threatening, our California boy got the win in the 10th and final race. It capped a fantastic day for our new jockey, Leslie Mawing (three wins including the Seattle Slew Handicap).


Many thanks to trainers Larry & Sharon Ross, jockey Leslie Mawing, exercise rider Brian, and Yodeler’s groom Gumaro Martinez. It really is a team effort to get each and every horse to the races and a superb job by everyone in the Ross barn.

At the end of the day we all have our memories of the experience, but we also have the very official (and coveted) “Win Photo” taken by the track photographer.

You may order one from Reed Palmer Photography (official track photographer) for $10. This is a special promotional rate offered to Emerald Racing Club members. Email reedp@emeralddowns.com to request your photo.

For future reference (and wins), the track photographer is located on ground level of the Grandstand to your left before you exit the main gates. The photos are copyrighted, please don’t print from here.

If you captured your own and you’d like to share, please email emeraldracingclub@gmail.com and we’ll collect them together.

Dancing Yodeler copy

The race replay can be found at http://www.emeralddowns.com>Racing>Race Replays. DVD’s of the race are also available for $10. To order those, please just email emeraldracingclub@gmail.com and I can assist.

You can read the track press release on his victory here. And Official Chart from Equibase is here.

Thank you to all that attended today – and CONGRATULATIONS on your win!

YOU officially broke your maiden!







7 thoughts on “Dancing Yodeler Wins Big

  1. What a great WIN, really happy, can’t stop smiling. Thanks to EMD for the chance to own a racehorse & to the ROSS’S for making him a
    winner !!!

  2. Hi Sophia, I’m not sure how barn visits work. Is it possible for me to go during the week in the mornings? Do I just show up or should I make pre-arrangements? I know not to show up on race days. Last Sunday was certainly a magical day! Yodeler was fabulous and everyone who made his win possible deserves a huge thank you. Being involved with the ERC is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve learned so much and appreciate all of the knowledge you’ve shared with us. Horses are truly amazing animals! Thanks, Christi Walkley Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2014 03:09:01 +0000 To: bmcwalks@msn.com

    • Hi Christi!

      I’m glad you are enjoying the experience. For barn visits just email me at emeraldracingclub@gmail.com on the morning you’d like to go, and then I just give Sharon a heads up that you’ll be out. Training takes place 6 am – 11 am. Track is closed on Tuesdays. We ask that morning visits take place before 1 pm and when I get your email I’ll include a reminder on which barn to go to!

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