Syndicates and Partnerships

Congratulations to the Emerald Racing Club! You were named Emerald Downs’ Owner of the Week for Dancing Yodeler’s win!

We have a Winner’s Circle Presentation after the 5th race Saturday, July 19. If you’d like to be part of it, just come to the Winner’s Circle after the fifth race wearing your lanyard. We’ll make a quick presentation. Our owner of the week prize is dinner for four in the Redhook Turf Club and we have opted to pass this along to Yodeler’s groom.

The Emerald Racing Club also made the Military Hawk blog’s top ten racing moments at Emerald Downs. You can read more from Will Brewer at his blog here.

Syndicates and Partnerships

A “syndicate” is a group of individuals combined to own a horse. Any horse could be “syndicated.”

Historically, in horse racing, racehorses were owned by a single person or organization/farm. You could easily see why it was called the Sport of Kings given the costs of racehorse ownership that we’ve been reviewing monthly.

The most famous syndication was when Secretariat was retired to stud at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky. He was syndicated as a stallion for 32 shares at a total price of over $6 million dollars.



We could also classify the Emerald Racing Club as a syndicate. With 128 owners, you each own 0.78% of Anelina and 0.78% of Dancing Yodeler.

Syndicates evolved to spread the costs of racehorse ownership among multiple individuals. It’s a great way to “buy-in” on a racehorse without huge financial outlay and you can find the level that is appropriate for you – whether it’s 50% ownership share, or just 5% ownership share.

Say for example, a group of you got together to buy a yearling. That’s a syndicate. Or one person could purchase a yearling and then seek out partners to campaign the horse – that would also be a syndicate.

A syndicate or partnership would be a logical next step if you’d like to continue to dabble in racehorse ownership outside the realm of the Emerald Racing Club.

For your convenience, we’ve gathered together a list of Syndicates and Partnerships that race at Emerald Downs and the contact person. This is by no means a complete list, but it is a starting point. Each syndicate is a bit different, so find the one that is right for you!

Here are some questions to consider to enter a syndicate responsibly:

  • Ask questions! It’s your money and you are entitled to know how it’s being spent. What percent of the horse will you own? What percent of expenses will you pay?
  • Understand the structure – who will make the decisions regarding the horse? Is there a syndicate manager? Will the trainer make the decisions? Or will it go to the person with the majority interest in the horse?
  • What expenses are involved, how much will you owe, and what can you earn back?
  • What type of horse or horses do you want to own? A yearling that may take two or three years to make it to the racetrack (if it makes it)? An actively racing horse? A first time starter?
  • Will you be able to visit your horse? Is this important to you?
  • Where will the horses race? If it’s important to you to see your horse race in person, then a local syndicate is a good option.

Some of you have indicated a desire to further your interests in racehorse ownership, be it this year or in the future.

If you could email me at, I will begin putting you in touch with each other in case you’d like to band together to start your own partnership.


I also wanted to pass along an excellent video series produced in the UK “How to Make a Racehorse.” It follows four youngsters as they develop for the races and is quite a good little online series. Keep in mind some of the terminology and methodology is a bit different in Europe versus the US.





3 thoughts on “Syndicates and Partnerships

  1. I will still advocate for an “Alumni Club” to allow ERC members an additional year of the valuable guidance and support provided by Emerald Downs this season. After that, of course, we would need to be on our own … but I definitely think it’s something to consider! The experiment has worked great so far. Why not take it to the next level?

  2. Is the Saturday presentation for members only, or can a family member stand in?

    I’m camping this weekend, but my daughter (to my immediate left in the win photo) will be around. She has her Horseman’s pass, and she can borrow my lanyard if necessary.

    Thanks, Brian G.

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    Emerald Racing Club wrote:

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