Donuts Today

Photo by Wayne Nagai.

Photo by Wayne Nagai.

It’s a subtle nod to a winning barn. The brown, unassuming donut box, the lid halfway closed, donut crumbs spread below the bench it sits upon. There are certain traditions in racing that are the same no matter where you go, and donuts are one of them.

In racing, if you win, the next day the winning jockey (or his agent) deliver a box of donuts to the winning barn. It’s even a deductible expense on a jockey’s tax return. It’s a gesture of thanks to the team at the barn.

It is also common place for an owner to “stake” the jockey, groom, trainer or exercise rider. In the case of Sharon’s barn, she automatically charges 2% of prize money for her grooms. However, any additional stake is at the discretion of the owner. Emerald Racing Club will “stake” an additional $50 each for the groom, jockey, trainer and exercise rider for their work. It will be listed as a miscellaneous expense on the budget totaling $200.


Photo by Wayne Nagai.

Yodeler cooled out of his race great.  We swung by the barn today for a quick visit and captured Yodeler goofing off with his tongue (if you are reading this in an email, go to to watch the video, it is 5 seconds long). He’s tired, but happy.

Official Win Photo

A reminder that Reed Palmer Photography, the official track photographer of Emerald Downs is offering discounted “Win Photos” for the Emerald Racing Club members. You may purchase your Win Photo direct from them for $10. You can stop by their office on race day (located on ground level to your left as you exit the last escalator). You can also email Please include your name and phone number with your email. They are only in the office on race days so don’t expect a response during the week.

Official Race DVD

For the DVD, it is also $10. Please email and you’ll be instructed on payment and pickup.


Photo by Reed Palmer Photography.


Photo by Reed Palmer Photography.

Barn Tour Recap

Rosalia sent over some great photos from the group’s barn trip to DiPietro Thoroughbreds. Great reports all around and Darrin Paul and Will Brewer really enjoyed hosting the trip.

Next Club activity is the WTBOA Yearling Sale. The sale is held on Tuesday, August 26 at 2 pm at the WTBOA Sales Pavilion located at the North end of Emerald Downs Drive. This is North past the three way stop for the main stable gate and Quarterchute Cafe.

The seating is free and completely open, no reservations required. You are permitted to move freely from the sales pavilion to walking area to barn area. Just don’t sit in the very front rows as they are typically reserved.

There are hot dogs and beverages available for purchase. Children are welcome as well but must be watched and be well-behaved as the yearlings can be very jumpy and they need to perform their best for potential buyers.

Viewing of yearlings takes place beginning Saturday, August 23, 8 am – 4 pm up until the time of the sale. The viewing can be accessed through the NORTH stable gate located right near the Pavilion. Then walk straight back to the temporary stalls (white barns) where they are all housed.

If you’d like a catalog, pop in at the WTBOA offices located adjacent to the Sales Pavilion and they have them available. They are free.

baby barn

The barn at DiPietro Thoroughbreds.

baby bath

Rosalia demonstrates how to bathe a baby.

baby equicizer

Rosalia demonstrates the equine exercise machine.

bus tour

The bus arrives at DiPietro Thoroughbreds.

Anelina Update

Ana has returned to the track and has been jogging. Dr. Stenslie is scheduled to stop by and see her tomorrow and if good will gallop. She’ll need two to three works before we can begin looking for another race for her – assuming that she continues to progress well and stays sound.



8 thoughts on “Donuts Today

  1. That is interesting to know about the donuts and the extra money everyone gets. Just curious if Yodeler gets anything special for winning the race. He is such a hard working horse it would be nice if we could show him how much we appreciate him.

  2. We would like to thank Will and Darrin for hosting the farm tours. This was a very enjoyable and educational experience. Thank you also to all of the farms for their hospitality and sharing their knowledge and obvious passion with us. Between the farm tour and Yodeler’s win, we couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

  3. Very cute video! What a great day touring the farms, meeting the fine folks who work there, and learning so much…topped off by Yodeler’s 2nd win for us! Thanks to everyone who put this all together for us…and I mean everyone (if I tried to list by name I’m sure I’d leave out someone unintentionally)…it was really special!!!

    Hope Ana is good to gallop!

  4. Yodeler does eat Granny Smith apples. I am not going to be able to make it this morning. We wash them and slice them for him (two of them)! He seems to enjoy them!

    • P.S. Thank you Berna for giving Yodeler his apple today. Also, we do not forget about Anelina, she loves her carrots. She does not care about Granny Smith apples

      • Can someone please clarify the food issue with the horses? I thought we were not supposed to bring outside food into the barns, due to risks of contamination and the horses drug testing, etc. Is that not the case?

  5. Always check in with Sharon first before feeding a carrot or treat. Sharon often times has a bag of carrots in the barn. We always ask first in case somebody else already gave Anelina a carrot!

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