Yodeler Wins Again!

Yodeler did it again, winning in heart pounding fashion with another come from behind victory!

For Race Replays go to http://www.emeralddowns.com then “Racing”>”Race Replays”.

Results will be posted at Equibase.com under “Results”>”Full Charts.” They aren’t up as of the writing of this post. The charts are input manually by the chart caller from Equibase. They should be active in the next 20 minutes.

More to come (including photos) tomorrow. Savor your win owners, you have now just moved into the NW3 (non-winners of 3) condition!



3 thoughts on “Yodeler Wins Again!

  1. Hmm, as NW3 Looking at the condition book for 2 weeks out, it looks like Yodeler’s best chance is the Starter Allowance at 6 1/2 on Saturday the 23rd?

    Given that Yodeler has now won twice at the $3,500 claiming price, his options are going to be more limited and he is going to be more likely to get claimed if we can find a race at that claiming price. It would be cool if you could do a post on how you, Sharon (and Larry 🙂 will make the decision for his next outing – it is a good problem to have… 🙂

  2. So happy we were there for this big WIN with a lot of our family to witness it together! He (with the amazing ride that Leslie gave him) was so fun to watch! Loved every second of the experience!

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