Yodeler Entered For Saturday

Yodeler is entered in the 6th race on Saturday, August 23. Overnight is here.

If you HAVE NOT been to the paddock this year, RSVP for the Paddock, click here. Please do so by Friday at noon.

There are a couple of you that have not yet put in, or made it into the paddock so please RSVP. If there aren’t enough of you, then I will open up the RSVP to the others and we’ll start cycling through again.

Tickets will be left at the Will Call gate under Emerald Racing Club for your added guests. Reserved Seat Section 15, as always, is reserved for horsemen (that’s you!).

Yodeler’s Race

You may have missed the race in the condition book because this is not a claiming race. But how does our claiming horse manage to not run in a claiming race?

Let’s take a look at the conditions:

starter allowance


This is a “Starter Allowance” race which means that he can not be claimed. In the past we have referred to the “Allowance horses” as those a step below Stakes horses. Essentially horses performing at the top of their game where they aren’t at risk of being claimed.

However, the “Starter Handicap” or “Starter Allowance” category is reserved for horses that have been running in inferior claiming company, but have improved to the point that they would not be risked being sold in a claiming race. In effect this race is an allowance race restricted to horses that have previously run in a claiming race at a specific level (e.g. starters for a claiming price of $3,500).

We will tend to see these races towards the end of the season and the purse is worth $200 than our usual $3,500 purse.

So as we read the conditions (for reference Yodeler’s Past Performances):

  • “For Three Year Olds and Upwards…” – We are 6 yrs old – YES
  • “…Which have started for a claiming price of $3,500 or less in 2013 – 2014..”. – we have started for $3,500 or less eight times in 2013 – 2014 – YES
  • “And which have not won a race for $4,000 or more since last starting for $3,500 or less.” – Our last win was for $3,500 – YES
  • Race is 6 1/2 furlongs – YES

We meet the conditions and are eligible.

We are an Older horse so our starting weight is 124lbs.

“Non-winners of two races for a starter or claiming price of $4,000 or more since January 1, 2014 … 2 lbs”.

We must review Yodeler’s Past Performances to see if we are allowed our 2 lbs. Since January 1, 2014 he has won for $3,200 (March 15), $3,500 (July 13) and $3,500 (August 9). Non of these races were over $4,000 so we subtract 2 lbs from our starting weight of 124 = 122 lbs.

Next it reads:

“Non-winners of a race for starters or claiming price of $4,000 or more since January 1 … 5 lbs”

We have not won a starter race, nor have we won for a claiming price of $4,000 or more so we are allowed the 5 lbs.

We don’t get to add both together and take off 7 lbs, we just get to have one allowance (124 – 5 lbs = 119). Yodeler will carry 119 lbs on Saturday.

Yodeler will break from post position 2 in a field of 8. Jockey Leslie Mawing will be aboard again.

Anelina Update

Dr. Stenslie will look at Anelina tomorrow morning. Provided she still looks good, she will plan to work this weekend. Sharon will give us a heads up on when (depending on weather and track conditions) since many of you are eager to see her return to the work tab.





4 thoughts on “Yodeler Entered For Saturday

  1. Who can I talk to about buying my own horse? I see you have an auction on Tuesday. Brett Brophy 206-724-8833

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