August Financials

August Financials are complete. Dancing Yodeler earned $3,890 in August with his one victory and one fourth place finish.

Updated budget is here: August Budget.

August Statement and Bills include monthly account statement, training bill and vet bills (Sport Horse Medicine and Cavalli Equine).

Training bill was $3,539.20 and shows the reduction in the day rate for Anelina when she injured her ankle.

The vet bills reflect the usual treatment pattern we’ve come to see for Yodeler with joint health supplements, and race day administration of lasix.

The only new item you’ll see on August 22 was an injection of vitamin B12. It’s the same vitamin that humans take and helps alleviate fatigue.



1 thought on “August Financials

  1. A curiosity question more than a budget one: will Anna’s move to a new home wind up bringing any monies back to us, or will we wind up “donating” her?

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