Yodeler Will Not Run Sunday

Yodeler’s race did not “fill” today and was not carded for Sunday. Yodeler was the only horse entered.

There are no more races for him in the condition book for the remainder of the season, but there is hope that the racing secretary will write an “extra” that he would fit.

So what happened to his competition? How could they suddenly disappear or not race?

A couple things have happened.

1) His current competition moved up or down in class to find a race. An example of this is on Friday in race 5, War Wizard and Marvin’s Magic – both horses he has raced against in the past – are entered in a 6 furlong race for $5,000 – $4,000 claimers.

2) His current competition still meet non-winners conditions. An example of this also is on Friday, race 7, a $3,500 claiming race going 6 1/2 furlongs restricted to horses that have not won two races since April 12, 2014 or have never won four races.

Essentially, Yodeler has outraced his competition and now finds himself alone. It happens, but it is more common at the end of a season when horses are trying to get one last start in.

Fingers crossed for one final start. Either way, Yodeler is due a rest at the farm. He has not been turned out since he started racing and will enjoy a vacation.


The party on Sunday, September 21 will still take place. I’ll accept RSVP until end of day today. Thank you to those that have already done so.

The list of those that have RSVP’d will be at the tent for check-in. If your name isn’t on the list, you will not be granted admission regardless of whether or not you are a Club member.

General admission tickets will be left at the Will Call Window under Emerald Racing Club on Sunday even though Yodeler is not racing.

See you all Sunday!



8 thoughts on “Yodeler Will Not Run Sunday

  1. I would absolutely be happy for Yodeler to get a vacation or “turned out”, I am guessing a pretty pasture to enjoy some sun and relaxation!

    • Hi Rich and Jacque,

      Great questions…if we look at the conditions of Friday’s race, it is “not won two races since April 12”. Yodeler has won two races since April 12 so is ineligible. If we look at the second part -“which have never won four races”, Yodeler is also ineligible because he has won 12 races in his lifetime.

  2. Sophia- I’m still in Alaska (sick dad) and won’t make it back in time for the party. Please cancel my and Brian’s rsvp.

    Thank you,


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