September Financials

We are down to the last few posts for the Club!

Complete September Financials are here along with updated September budget.

September was a quiet month financially. Dancing Yodeler was sold at the end of the month to Left Coast Thoroughbreds, a newly formed syndicate composed of current ERC members and their friends and family. They plan to lay Yodeler up for the winter and race him again next year in the barn of Sharon Ross. So if you are in the Club next year, you’ll likely see a familiar white blaze in the barn expecting some attention.

Because Yodeler did not race in September, there was no income besides his sale.

For expenses we had a lighter training bill because we were paying layup rate on Anelina for the entire month, and then started paying layup rate on Yodeler as well once it was determined he wouldn’t get in for the last weekend.

Vet bill was only $60 reflecting Anelina’s vaccination, and the worming was included on the training bill.

The party was the largest expense at $5,058.95 for 115 people. This was a guessing game as we had 150 people RSVP, had to guarantee at 115 but then we only had 60 show up. However, with Yodeler’s race not going, and the Seahawks playing it was expected that attendance would be light.

Where do we go from here?

Anelina will be laid up at the Ross farm until she finds a new home. We have an interested party that will likely take her in December or January. The board rate drops to $20 per day, so we can estimate $620/month for her board for the next few months.

Given the current balance on the account and anticipated expenses, we are expecting to return to each Emerald Racing Club member between $160 – $180.

To keep our accounting clean for next season, you have two options:

1) Donate your expected return directly to the Prodigious Fund – for retired racehorses


2) Receive your amount due in the form of a check upon transfer of Anelina to a new home and payment of all remaining expenses from the account.

Please email indicating your name and which option you’d prefer or respond in the comment section.


A reminder that if you’d like to participate in the Club next year that I will open registration to existing members in January, and then to the general public in February.

About the Prodigious Fund

I may have mentioned the Prodigious Fund in passing since it was part of our financial posts and $5 per start from Anelina and Dancing Yodeler benefited the fund.

The Prodigious Fund mission is to recognize and support positive efforts made within the Thoroughbred aftercare community for the re-homing, promotion and care of retired racehorses. The fund is administered by Emerald Downs and representatives from the WTBOA, WHBPA and Emerald Downs serve as board directors.

In 2014, the Prodigious Fund hosted the Thoroughbred Showcase, which included 43 Thoroughbreds looking for new homes, the 100-Day Trainer Challenge, and the Thoroughbred and Half-Thoroughbred Horse Show. In addition, Prodigious Fund was able to offer financial assistance to Second Chance Ranch.

The Thoroughbred and Half-Thoroughbred Horse Show took place this past Saturday and the following photos tell the story of these horses in their second careers better than I ever could!


100-Day Trainer Challenge participants Hot N’ Sauci and trainer Katie Peery. Katie is also a racehorse trainer and races at Emerald Downs and Portland Meadows under KP Stables.


Dr. Ramona Tingdale is one of the racetrack veterinarians at Emerald Downs and an avid Thoroughbred enthusiast.

1 (166)

Madison Kniss, who is 12 years old, on her Thoroughbred Premeditated (race name Vote Often). The pair won dual high point for Green OTTB and English Pleasure.

1 (348)

100-Day Trainer Challenge duo King of the Sky and Paige Wagter won the competition and $1,500. King of the Sky last raced in June.

1 (381)

100-Day Trainer Challenge participant Shelby Ahrens and his mount Curried Matt won the freestyle. Curried Matt is a 3 year old gelding that raced one time.

DSC_2001 B  _MG_6725  1 (29) 1 (217) 1 (256)






12 thoughts on “September Financials

  1. Sophia, thanks for all your work in organizing this opportunity to the club members. You did fantastic work promoting horse ownership, keeping the members informed and holding our hands during the races! I was hoping to be able to attend more of the planned events but then things kept cropping up on my calendar that prevented my attendance. Please donate my share of the proceeds to the Prodigious Fund for retired horses so they can enjoy their retirement as much as I am mine. I most likely will not join the club next year to give someone else the opportunity. Thanks again and enjoy the off season. John

  2. Sophia, My husband and I had a great time, overall it was a wonderful experience. I would like to receive the amount due in the form of a check, thank-you very much for everything. Sandra K. Renschler

  3. Hey Sophia

    Please donate my remaining money to the Prodigious Fund. These two horses gave me and my family a whole lotta fun this summer! So we should look after the horses when they quit racing. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again for all you do Sophia. Take care. Brad Meyer

    Date: Thu, 9 Oct 2014 22:14:55 +0000 To:

  4. What a smashing success your marketing idea resulted in! 🙂 Definitely generated more interest in thoroughbred racing, on and off the track. It was a fantastic experience and I am thrilled to continue with Yodeler as part of the Left Coast syndicate. Please donate my remaining funds to the Prodigious Fund. I am an avid supporter of Old Friends as well. Thank you for your hard work and keeping all of us updated via this blog – I loved reading your posts and the pixs! Will see you around! 🙂 Elizabeth Ayers

  5. Sophia,
    Please send me a refund check so that I or my sister may continue our racetrack endeavors and join the club again next year. For the time being, through the Emerald Racing Club membership this is the best way for us to support a racehorse. I still support the racehorses in any way I can during the off season. Thank you Gina Goodyear

  6. Hi Sophia, I have been involved in other syndications in the past. When we have had money refunded to us at the end the year and we were taxed on the amount and was sent a 1099- misc. form. Will we be taxed on our refund?

  7. Hi Sophia, Cannot thank you enough for such a great experience I had and my family. I would like my check mailed please. I want to be on the list for next year and look forward to a new season. Can’t believe its over already. Dancing Yodeler will always hold a spot in our heart. Sure hope Analina goes to a great place to. Take care, looking forward to hearing from you in January.

  8. Hiya! Thank you for everything you did for the club. You were a great leader and teacher for all of us. I would like to receive the amount due in the form of a check. Thank you again so much, and I can’t wait to be a part of the club again next year!

  9. Hi Sophia, If you ever want a guest speaker to share the experience of fractional ownership please let me know. Grew up in Renton, live in Issaquah we have 41 fractional owned horses around the country being doing it for 12 years. Four of the better know are Wicked Strong / Commanding Curve / The Gomper, and retired Awesome Gem – mile winner.

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