Emerald Racing Club Kicks Off Preseason Pass

Want to join the Club? Download Emerald Racing Club Registration Form.

Have questions? Email emeraldracingclub@gmail.com.


12 thoughts on “Emerald Racing Club Kicks Off Preseason Pass

  1. I’ve already bought in to the club. But if I was waffling
    on buying in, seeing this video would have put me over the edge… Great job on it. Mike

    • Hi Mark,

      An email address wasn’t provided on your registration form. Shall I use the gmail account noted for you on here? Please advise and I’ll get you over the latest email with next steps. And yes, you are in the Club!


  2. Very nice Sophia! Has me all excited for 2015!!! Although I won’t be part of the club this year, as part of Left Coast Thoroughbreds LLC I’ll see you at the track!!!

  3. A splendid wrap-up of the first season! I’m one of those who missed out first time around but this time I’m sure I was one of the first to submit my application and be accepted. Really looking forward to this racing season and being a real part of the doings at Emerald Downs. I’m just very sad that Mary Kubota won’t be around to see the second go-round for the Club.

  4. Sophia, I am taking Melissa down to get her license and passes tomorrow, her birthday. She is so excited about this coming year. How many are on board now? I also saw something about a get together at the track on 19 April (Opening Day), are there details?

  5. Hi Sophia, does that green parking pass get us into the barn area to park? Also, where is the regular “Owners” parking area?
    Thanks, Mike Kauffman (can’t wait)

    • Hi Mike!

      My apologies for the late response. Your parking pass grants you free parking in the “Preferred Parking” area, which is the $7 lots. When visiting the barns, just park outside the barn area by the Quarterchute Cafe.

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