Orientation and Kick-Off Party!

Opening weekend is Saturday, April 18 and Sunday, April 19.

We have organized a little orientation, Emerald Ed and…wait for it…party!

Who: You! (and a guest)

What: Emerald Racing Club Orientation, Emerald Ed & Party

When: Sunday, April 19, begins 12 noon

Where: Emerald Room – 4th Floor Emerald Downs (take either elevator from the first floor lobby)


  • 11:30 am – Check-in
  • 12 noon – Orientation
  • 1 pm – Emerald Ed – Emerald Downs’ Dir. of Publicity, Vince Bruun, and Jacob “the professor” Pollowitz will be giving a crash course on how to read the form, handicap, and watch a race. The added bonus: they will be using Charlie Thomas’ last race.
  • 2 pm – Party will transition to the View Room (right off the Emerald Room) with free Clubhouse Seating.
  • 2:15 pm – Live racing starts!
  • 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Buffet laid out in Emerald Room
  • The Emerald Room and View Room are reserved for Emerald Racing Club all day so you are free to float in and out as you wish.

No cost for Emerald Racing Club members and guest. If you have additional guests you’d like to bring, they may join you for the party. Additional tickets will be $20 and can be purchased at the door. BUT – you need to email me by Wednesday, April 15 (emeraldracingclub@gmail.com) so we can account for food.

Reminder: You must be licensed by Sunday, April 19. You’ll need to show your license in order to receive your Emerald Racing Club Lanyard.

For those of you that came in but did not yet receive your physical license, those are being mailed to you tomorrow and should arrive before next weekend.

Can’t make it?

Don’t worry, I will post a recap of the Orientation here on the blog for those unable to attend.

Additional questions? Post in comments below or email me at emeraldracingclub@gmail.com.



27 thoughts on “Orientation and Kick-Off Party!

  1. Hi Sophia
    I will be there & I am looking forward to meeting you & other members of our club. See you then!
    Rick Dalzell

  2. Kim,

    Would you like to go to this with me? If not, can I go and invite someone. I’d rather go with you. It’s free and good chance to meet everyone in my racing club. Sounds fun to me, not sure what you think?


  3. Thank you once again for keeping us in the loop on our Racing Club events. We’re sorry we can’t attend as we are still out of the country. We are looking forward to upcoming events, once we return in May.

    Sincerely, Chuck Ankeny


  4. Sophia – I will be there on the 19th, and looking forward to meeting some of my fellow owners!

  5. Hi,
    Can’t Wait to meet everyone, I think this is going to be a fun Season.

    Do we have any idea of when Charlie Thomas will make it to Emerald Downs?

    Wayne Campbell

  6. Sophia,   The earliest I would be able to make it to Emerald Downs on the 19th is 1 pm.    I have a question on the lanyards.  Is this an identification that I need as a member of the Emerald Racing Club, and something I would need during the racing season (i.e. paddock access on race day, winners photo, etc.).   Thanks, and it sounds like a great event you have planned.   Wayne Hoff  

    • Hi Wayne!

      The lanyard is a piece of identification that is required. It allows our staff and the grooms in the barn to be able to visually identify you as a licensed member of the racing club. You can pick it up even if you arrive later.

  7. Hi, I would like to being a guest and two additional people.  Is this all the notification I need to give?  Thank you.

  8. Hi Sophia,

    My husband Martin and myself will be bringing two guests. Looking forward

    to next weekend.

    Carlene Obiacoro

  9. I have not received my license yet….should I be concerned?  Also, I notified that in addition to a guest, I would like to bring two people on Sunday, 4/19.  I haven’t had an acknowledgment to that so I guess that’s o.k……right?  Thank you.

    • Licenses were mailed Thursday and Friday, so if you came in and were fingerprinted and filled out the paperwork, you should be receiving this week. Two additional people is fine for the party. Please have cash at the door.

  10. Hi Sophia

    I’d like to attend, but I’ve lost my wallet over the weekend, with my EmD owners license in it. Also the passes given to me when I got the license. Any suggestions?

    John Escude

  11. Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun time, the wife and I will be there. Thanks Sophie for the work you do for this group, hope to meet you

  12. RSVPing for Debra Westwood (me) and a guest. Looking forward to it very much. AND our weather forecast looks great so it’ll be horses and sun all day!

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