Charlie Thomas Has Arrived

Charlie Thomas arrived from California a little after 1 pm today!

He settled in nicely and appears to have shipped well.

It is expected that Charlie will be able to train in front of the Emerald Racing Club on Sunday prior to Orientation.

Update to Orientation

Meet 11:30 am on the track apron to watch Charlie train prior to going to the Emerald Room for Orientation. The track apron is the area in front of the grandstand with all the benches. The main admission gates will be open.

Here’s a quick video of him (if you are viewing in email you will have to go to for it to play):


8 thoughts on “Charlie Thomas Has Arrived

  1. Hi Sophia, it’s Melissa, the pain in the hurt! Didn’t get the whole email from you. I’m bringing my husband as a co owner. Do we get one free and then , after the one I buy an extra fifty$. Hope I understand ? I can’t wait !! To see charlesse Tjsnks Sophia , Melissa Eisenhauer Sent from my iPhone


  2. Hi Sophia
    There is a nice looking horse running in the 7th race on Saturday @ ED. His name is Carl Command, & he is a 5 year old gelding with 7 wins in 17 starts. 3 of those wins were here in the 2013 season. He has a claim price of 10K. A couple of his wins were in stakes races @ Portland Meadows over the last few months. Think he is worth a look?

    Can’t wait to meet you & Charlie Thomas on Sunday. See you then!
    Rick Dalzell

  3. Has anyone looked at arraignment running in the 10’th race on Sunday @ED? Seems like he’s dropping in class and may be a bargain. Is he older than we are wanting and is he healthy?

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