A note from the farm

Have a great time tomorrow at the farms! Griffin Place wanted to pass along the following note and be sure to follow them on Facebook Griffin Place, LLC. They posted some fun new photos in advance of your visit!

“To those of you in the Emerald Racing Club take note: If you are on the Farm Tour, you will want to take a good look at these two so you don’t get them mixed up. The cat on the left, “Cougie” is the good one. She will make sure you feel welcome. The one on the right looks cute but don’t be fooled. He bites and has other lovely habits. Should you encounter him, do not pet, do not feed. Run. Or you can just avoid them both which would be a perfectly rational option. Seriously, we look forward to meeting you and showing you the farm.”



One thought on “A note from the farm

  1. The farm visits this past weekend were wonderful, and very informative. Thanks to the Griffins and the Pabsts for allowing us a look “behind the scenes,” so to speak, and the chance to see not only the new mamas and their foals, but the stallions Nationhood and Atta Boy Roy. I remember that Valorie Lund, ABR’s trainer, commented that when she first saw him, she was so impressed that she said that if he were a man, she’d marry him. Having now seen ABR up close, I can completely understand her reaction. I urge those of you who have not visited El Dorado Farms before to try to make next weekend’s tour there. It is a terrific facility and there are some wonderful stallions to be seen there as well. Thanks as always to Sophia for arranging these tours for us–well done!


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