The Extra Races

In yesterday’s blog we covered in depth the condition book and the races in the book. Based on that, we projected Charlie’s first start to be on May 30 going 6 1/2 furlongs.

However, the racing office has the flexibility to write “extras.” Extras refer to the extra races that are written to supplement the races in the condition book.

On Wednesday the racing office took entries for Saturday, May 23 and after entries are taken, an “overnight” is produced. This is a preliminary entry list. On the back of the overnight are a list of extra races that are noted as X1, X2, X3 etc. These are extra races that are available to enter in for the following entry day.

There we found X5:

OVERNITE 5-23-15-2

X5 is a $12,500 Claiming race going one mile. This would be an ideal race for Charlie as we know he prefers a route and we claimed him last out for $10,000. This would theoretically be easier company for him that the race we spoke about yesterday.

This morning Sharon entered Charlie Thomas to run in X5 for Sunday, May 24.

As the entry day continues on, the racing office marks the entry board so we know if our race is a “go”.

entry board

From the photo above you can see the Xtra 5 was “off 2”. That means that only two horses entered the race and the racing office is not using the race. There weren’t enough horses to fill the race.

The numbers highlighted in yellow are the races that will be used for Sunday, May 24 and refer to the condition book races and the extras. These will make it into the Official Racing Program on Sunday and an Overnight was produced as soon as entries closed today.

If we refer to the overnight for Sunday, May 24 we can now see that because of lack of interest in our race, it was not written back as an extra for Monday. As a consequence, we have to wait until next week and see if our race has enough entries to make the card!




8 thoughts on “The Extra Races

  1. If the 9’th race next Saturday weren’t to fill isn’t the 10’th race next Sunday also an option.
    Another question is do we think Charlie is possibly capable of competing in the Longacres mile prep races and pulling off something like what Fleet eagle pulled off last weekend?

    • Hi Shane,

      Charlie would also be eligible for the 10th race in the condition book on Sunday. Since the competition at Golden Gate is slightly tougher than Emerald, we’d prefer to start him for $12,500 or higher.

      We don’t believe Charlie is capable of competing in the Longacres mile prep races. Granted, we are making that determination off past performance and we’ll just have to see how he does in his first race.

    • Charlie was entered – and the race did not go. He is NOT running on the 24th. He will be entered for the 30th and we won’t know until we see the entries if the race will be used or not.

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