Workout and Farm Recap

Workout Recap

Charlie Thomas and Tribal Waters both worked a 1/2 mile this morning.

Charlie Thomas was the quicker of the two with jockey Leslie Mawing aboard, cruising the 1/2 mile in 49 seconds flat, 29th of 53 for the distance. Tribal Waters had Joe Steiner aboard and went 49.40 to be 34th of 53 for the distance.

You can find workouts at >Racing>Workouts and then select today’s date.

Or click here for direct link.

Farm Recap

Many thanks to the farms for allowing us to visit the last two weekends. We got some great photos at El Dorado and we have them on Flickr: Farm photos here.

el dorado foal

Race Update

There are races for both Charlie Thomas and Tribal Waters in the condition book (races 9 and 12) for Saturday, May 30. If both come out of their workouts in fine fettle, then we will be entering Wednesday, May 27. Entries will be finalized that afternoon and we’ll be able to say definitively if the horses got in for Saturday.

IF the horses get in, we’ll have an RSVP list to allow for random selection for the paddock and that list of ERC members will be posted on Friday.






6 thoughts on “Workout and Farm Recap

  1. Hi soohia, I am emailing about Grace Castellanos. Please call me at 206 793 9231

    Boris Castellanos Sent from my handheld, please excuse the brevity.

    • I see Charlie is entered in race 8, and is the morning line favorite at 5-2. I’m assuming Tribal Waters race didn’t fill.

  2. Hi Sophia,
    I was checking this Saturday’s entries and noticed Charlie Thomas is entered for race 8! So exciting, any races for Tribal Waters on Saturday?

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