Paddock List for Sunday

Tribal Waters is running in the final race on Sunday. There has been a change to POST TIME. The final races is expected to run at approximately 7 pm, with the Indian Relay Racing Finals to follow.

Remember that section 15 in the Grandstand will accommodate you with your owner license.

The lucky folks going to the paddock are:

  • Ryan Doerfler
  • Natalia Guenther
  • Virgil Maas
  • Renee Cable
  • Jeff Sewell
  • Laren Lipscomb
  • Rick Dalzell
  • Jeff Campbell
  • Alan McEachern
  • Mark Rechkoff
  • Marilyn Holmberg
  • Loren Saintz
  • Zee Straight-Weiss
  • Curtis Soares
  • Joshua McCleary
  • Andrea Talkington

Meet at the entrance to the Paddock immediately after the running of the 9th race. One of our customer service staff will escort you into the paddock for TW’s race. Wear your lanyards in a visible place.

Happy Racing!

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