Tribal Waters Runs 4th, Charlie Is Back


Emerald Racing Club members in the paddock.


Sharon Ross removes the protective leg wraps from Tribal Waters.

_MG_9018 _MG_9027


Jockey Joe Steiner gets a leg up on Tribal Waters.



Tribal Waters ran a good fourth in his first start at Emerald Downs.

Full Chart is here.

To watch replays, go to>Racing>Race Replays.

In the replay for Tribal Waters you’ll see that he was running well and then the jockey appears to check strongly around the turn. Jockey Joe Steiner reported that TW started to “lug out” on the turn. We are aware that Tribal Waters has a history of this and we have him in a special bit to help him around the turn. We’ll check him out physically and then Sharon may tinker with his equipment again to give the rider more control.

Charlie Thomas Claimed Back

Charlie Thomas ran in the 9th race and finished fourth as well. He was claimed back by the Emerald Racing Club for $15,000. Chart is here.

6-14 Charlie Thomas Claim Tag

Charlie sports the red claiming tag today – in the Club’s favor.

Welcome back to the barn Charlie! He will be back in his previous stall next to Tribal Waters.

19 thoughts on “Tribal Waters Runs 4th, Charlie Is Back

  1. First off, a heartfelt congratulations to the Rosses for a spectacular and close win by Stryker. Glad to have Charlie back. Looked like we needed to win a shake and when I saw Larry smiling like a little kid coming out of the paddock office, it looked good. So I noticed the loss of a length or two rather suddenly coming through the turn by TW. Too much to make up but a respectable fourth. Nice to have an explanation because it didn’t look right. He suddenly gave up ground and then finished fairly well.

    • Hey Jay……….
      I screwed up & deleted that pic you sent me. If you still have it could you please send it again?
      Thanks & see you at the next race!
      Rick Dalzell

  2. Congratulations to the Rosses on an exciting day of racing. It was fun to see Charlie (red tag and all) and Tribal Waters run back to back. And great to hear we won Charlie back! Can’t help but be proud of our management team.

  3. What does it mean to “lug out”? We were watching the race via computer streaming and saw something happen – he was setting a good pace, then seemed to pull up or off to the side. Is this what was meant?

    Exciting day!

    Kathy Lindsay

    • Hi Kathy,

      Imagine driving a car and you turn the steering wheel to the left but the car drifts to the right. That’s what happened with TW. Joe Steiner pulled on the left rein and TW responded by moving out away from the pressure. The harder Joe pulled, the more TW went to the right until Joe just stood up and used more leverage, which in turn slowed their momentum. A horse may lug out for a variety of reasons. It might be physical and he’s trying to avoid pain, or it may just be a bad, evasive habit. In TW’s case we have gone over him carefully and can’t find anything physical. Since he doesn’t do it all the time, it seems to be more of an evasive habit.

  4. I did’nt see TW lugging out, but it looked like he got behind a couple of horses that stopped his momentum pretty good. Once he got clear Joe still had some horse left. He did not quit, that was cool to see. It looks like TW is capable of passing other horses & he can stay close to the leaders & lay just off the pace. He was good enough for 3rd, but he was not going to beat the other 2 horses that finished 1st & 2nd. I think that was a really great first race over the track, he should be tough next time out in the same type of company.

    Jeff Sewell

  5. Sophia ~ When a horse is claimed, it obviously moves to a new environment. That is, it leaves a known stall in a known stable, stable mates, grooms, etc. What effect, if any, does that have on the horse psychologically and physically?

    • Hi Vicki,

      It depends on the horse and their personality. Some horses can switch barns every week and they can handle it just fine. Others don’t handle it as well and might go off their feed. But horses are surprisingly adaptable to their new situations and it’s up to a good trainer to figure out their quirks and make them comfortable.

  6. I am looking to the experts here and, perhaps, asking a strange question. What is there about Charlie that was a determining factor in reclaiming him? Not questioning the decision. Happy to see him back. Would love to know the reasons behind the decision. Thank you.

    • Hi Jan,

      A couple things weighed into the decision. The first being that we know what we are getting. We know what physical issues he has and know his soundness. That is unlikely to have changed in the two weeks since he was claimed. He was also running for the same price he was claimed for, so it wasn’t a financial extension. And finally, we know his best races are at a mile. Simply put, there wasn’t a reason not to take him back.

  7. I was quite impressed after seeing the video replay of Tribal Waters dropping completely out of it and somehow managing to get back into the race for 4th. Also, Charlie is quite the character. He was cracking us up in the paddock with his tongue out and all of that teeth grinding he does.

  8. It was so much fun Sunday, watching those Indian Relay Races was an eye opener. I think those riders must be real thrill seekers. So glad no one was hurt, (that’s the grandma in me). It was awesome people watching seeing all the #emeralracingclub lanyard exchanging theory if and why we’d claim Charlie back. This one gentleman (who looked like a serious better) thoughts were that with Charlie being in a higher paying race the new owner didnt care is #ERC claimed him back they just wanted to make as money of him. So how much did his court place finish pay?
    Thank you and see you at the races. 😀

  9. Is there any physical downside to Charlie grinding his teeth? Some sources I’ve read offered a few different reasons for this, with many saying that, in the absence of physical reasons, it may just be a behaviorial tic. I don’t remember hearing him grind his teeth when I visited him in his barn a few weeks ago. Wonder if it happens only when he’s keyed up to race?

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