Tribal Waters Paddock List

Paddock list for Tribal Waters’ race:

Zee Straight-Weiss
John Escude
Gerald k Boures
Wayne Hoff
Marshall Nichols
Mark Babin
Brad Meyer
Joan Jones
Jennifer Teeter
Kristie Polito
Milt Tremblay
Gina Goodyear
David Lewis
Becky Hunter
Joy Carlson
Erika Hoffmire
Debbie Connell
Jan Reed
Sheila Berg

Tribal Waters will race in race 5. Please meet our customer service staff at the entrance to the paddock. Wear your lanyards!


3 thoughts on “Tribal Waters Paddock List

    • Hi John,

      Lanyards were passed out at orientation…if you haven’t received one yet, make plans to stop in the administration offices during races to pick up yours. The administration office is located at the north end of the Grandstand with access outside of the gates.

  1. Well it looks like we need to put tribal water out front next time to keep him out of trouble As it looked to me he had a little bit more in the tank but no where to go again

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