Tribal Waters Runs 4th Via DQ

Tribal Waters endured an extremely rough trip and was eased. While racing along the inside he was bumped very hard by the four horse. Jockey Joe Steiner had to check sharply and then eased Tribal Waters across the finish line in last. Full chart here.

After a lengthy steward’s inquiry, the horse that bumped him was disqualified and placed last. The result was TW was moved up from fifth to fourth.

The “stewards” are employed by the Washington Horse Racing Commission and the three individuals are responsible for ensuring that the rules of racing are followed. During the races they are in the Steward’s Stand on the sixth floor watching the race on multiple TV monitors and through the binoculars.

In Tribal Waters’ case, they determined that the four horse, My Chief, had cost Tribal Waters a better finish and therefore they DQ’d him.

There are two different types of evaluations regarding interference in racing:

1) A foul is a foul (regardless of the outcome, the horse should be DQ’d)

2) A foul only matters if the horse interfered with was cost their best position because of the foul

Washington rules of racing adhere to the second school of thought. If a foul did not affect the outcome, then they will let the finish positions stand. If a foul did affect the outcome, then they will make a change.

You can watch the Replay of Tribal Waters Race here.

Sharon reported that it appeared Tribal Waters didn’t suffer any ill effects from his jostling trip, but we’ll know more in the morning. He may be a little stiff from having his hind end knocked about.

Charlie Thomas

Charlie Thomas is sharp and we’ll be entering him for next weekend.

Emerald AM

Saturday, July 11 is Emerald AM. This is a free morning program from 9 – 11 am with free coffee, juice and danishes.

It is hosted by Jacob Pollowitz and includes a visit to the starting gate and interviews with trainers and jockeys.

If you wish to visit the barn on Saturday, Holly will be meeting and escorting Club members at 11 am. If you’d like to go to the barn, meet Holly on the track apron by the margarita stand (track level, above the paddock).


8 thoughts on “Tribal Waters Runs 4th Via DQ

  1. We were watching the race on TV and the bump was very obvious. Hope TW isn’t too banged up and I appreciate Joe’s savvy response. We’ll get ’em next time.

  2. Looks like we need to put tw out front next time so he has room to run as he has been blocked in every time he runs and just can’t find that good lane

    • It seemed on paper that there was enough speed in this race that T.W. would have to sit off the pace and hope there was racing room late. Not sure if that was our plan going into it but being in the inside post T.W. broke just a little slow as he darted in a bit and I think at that point the decision was made that sitting off the pace was our only option. Hopefully in his next race there won’t be as much up front speed because I too aggree that T.W. looks like he’d prefer to lead gate to wire.
      He also seemed to do much better in the turn but he still seemed to throw his head at one point as maybe he was offended by being stuck down on the rail.

  3. TW took off at an wild angle at the start and then seemed to have his head canted to the side for most of the race. He has blinkers but seems to have issues……..
    What’s up with that?

    • Hi Mike,

      If you watch TW in training, he has a habit of galloping with his head cocked to the side. This can be a carryover from an unskilled rider early on in his career that would crank his head to the side to keep him from running off. He was known as a tough horse to gallop when we bought him, but Brian (our exercise rider) is very skilled and can keep him under control.

  4. How’s TW doing? I know sometimes it takes a few days for stuff to show up. Hoping he’s comfy and happy!!

  5. I was watching this race from home, when I saw TW get caught up and slam on the brakes I freaked out a little… As he was bumped I thought he was going to end up over the rail. I’m glad he is okay, that could have been disastrous! After seeing several angles of replays, I’m glad the whrc/stewards took action.

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