Charlie Thomas to Run July 11

Charlie Thomas is entered to run Saturday, July 11 in the 8th race. He is in post position 3 of 9 horses going 1 mile for $15,000 claiming. Jockey Leslie Mawing is aboard. Overnight is here.

RSVP for the paddock by 5 pm on Friday, July 10 by clicking here.

If you have already been in the paddock this year, please do not RSVP. I will let you know when everyone has had a chance to make it through and when we are ready to cycle through again.

I will have the paddock list posted later Friday night.

Tribal Waters Update

We are happy to report that TW came out of his race just fine.

Wayne Nagai got some great photos of TW from his eventful race on Saturday.

_DSC0665 _DSC0822 _DSC0856

Equine Art Show

The Equine Art Show is taking place on track level, south end, this weekend. Be sure to take a stroll through the art!

6 thoughts on “Charlie Thomas to Run July 11

  1. Hi It is Boris Castellanos, Graces father. We are coming out on Saturday to get Grace her license and get fingerprinted. What time can we meet? What time does racing start?

    Hoping to kill two birds by coming out and seeing Charlie Race.

    Boris Castellanos
    Allegra Properties

    • Hi Boris,

      I’d suggest coming to Emerald Am, which will run from 9 am – 11 am. You’ll get to see horses train on the track and then can go to the Commission office to get licensed. Races start at 2 pm.

  2. Hi,

    I’m very puzzled, why do you buy Charlie Thomas for the club, then put him in a claiming race

    and sell him, then buy him back, and now put him into another claiming race? It makes no sense

    to me. Will you explain?

    Carlene Obiacoro

    • Hi Carlene,

      I suggest you read the earlier blog regarding claiming races and the blog on how to acquire a horse (claim, purchase privately, or breed).

      We claimed Charlie (he was not purchased privately), ran him at a level he belonged and was competitive. He, unfortunately, was claimed. Since we knew his history, we felt it was worth claiming him back for the Club instead of claiming another horse we knew nothing about. We also claimed him for the same price he was claimed from us so we didn’t pay more for him. If we wish to be competitive, he must run in a claiming race. If we were to run him in an allowance or stakes race, he would be beat every time because he is not competitive at that level. However, at the claiming level, you run the risk of losing him and it’s a risk we must take in order to be competitive.

      As an owner, you can have a racehorse and run him over his head every time and he will lose. But you won’t have to worry about him being claimed since he’s not worth the price you run him at. OR you can run him at a level he’s competitive at, hope to get a victory, and keep your fingers crossed that you don’t lose him.

      As we’ve outlined in previous posts, the claiming races make up the majority of the types of races available to run in. Charlie and TW will continue to run in claiming races because that is where their abilities place them.

      Of course, ideally, the dream is to claim a horse and then advance them out of the claiming ranks to allowance levels. But that is rare.

      • I might add Charlie isn’t exactly a win machine. Three life time wins. He has run for 15,000 his last four starts and finished 4th every time and was claimed each time. Popular in the claim box but hasn’t had his picture taken

  3. Thank goodness Tribal Waters is okay! Let’s go Charlie Thomas, I will be rooting and cheering for you from miles away!

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