Charlie Thomas Wins!

Charlie Thomas_win photo_7-11-15

Charlie Thomas won today’s 8th race in a breathtaking last to first rally. He finished first by a half-length over Rocky’s Quest.

You can replay the race by clicking here. Full chart is here.

At the end of the day we all have our memories of the experience, but we also have the very official (and coveted) “Win Photo” taken by the track photographer.

You may order one from Reed Palmer Photography (official track photographer) for $10. This is a special promotional rate offered to Emerald Racing Club members. Email or call 503-380-0430 to request your photo.

For future reference (and wins), the track photographer is located on ground level of the Grandstand to your left before you exit the main gates. The photos are copyrighted, please don’t print from here.

If you captured your own and you’d like to share, please email and we’ll collect them together.

Emerald AM Recap

We noticed a number of Emerald Racing Club members got their day off to a good start by riding Howard Belvoir’s all-time leading money earner and 2008 Longacres Mile winner, Wasserman. Heather Sacha got some great photos and I pulled all the ones that I saw a lanyard in! She has more on her smugmug website. If you see yourself, please comment below and I’ll update captions.

wasserman and jennifer

Longtime rider for Wasserman, jockey Jennifer Whitaker brings Wasserman to the paddock to greet his fans.

wassie joe

Our own TV host Joe Withee even came out for a ride.

erc wasserman fan erc wassie 2 erc wassie kid wasserman wasserman fan 2


10 thoughts on “Charlie Thomas Wins!

  1. Awsome, thanks for helping my daughter Grace….what an amazing first experience!

    Boris Castellanos Sent from my handheld, please excuse the brevity.

  2. Yeah charlie!!!! Lost my voice screaming so loud. 23 years ago I made a bucket list….at the time I called it my impossible dreams list. #5 on the list was to have my race horse win and I’d get my picture taken in the winners circle. Thank you Sharon and Larry and Sophie and Leslie and that absolutely marvelous race horse Charlie Thomas for making that impossible dream come true!

  3. Holy Bull what a fantastic finish!!! I love a closer, & Charlie coming from last to 1st down the stretch was the thrill of a lifetime. Awesome ride by Leslie Mawing, congrats to our excellent trainers, & to Charlie Thomas for his first win at Emerald Downs!!

  4. I got to meet Charlie Thomas in the barn this morning but unfortunately had to leave before his race. Wouldn’t you know it! I watched the live stream and was shouting all the way. I’ve replayed it a dozen times. What an amazing ride by Leslie Mawing and choice of race by Larry and Sharon Ross. Watching Charlie T. after the race, he knew what he’d done and was loving every minute of it. As well he should have!

  5. I’m happiest the most for Charlie that he won than I am as one of his owners. He gave an excellent effort coming from first to last, and deserves all the carrots and peppermints he wants in thanks for getting the job done. Our guy Charlie is definitely a champ!


  6. What an exciting come from behind win and fun day! We can’t wait until next time.
    I finally got my picture taken in the winners circle (with 180 others hahaha)…

  7. It was an excellent start to the morning to meet Wasserman and then to see Charlie win was so amazing! This was on my bucket list as well and it was a thrill to see and to cross off the list! Congrats to all who make this possible and hi 5 on all the hard work!

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