What did we win?

You should still be basking in the glow of victory this morning. Many thanks to trainers Larry & Sharon Ross, jockey Leslie Mawing, exercise rider Brian Allen, and Charlie’s groom Dagoberto Torres. It really is a team effort to get each and every horse to the races and a superb job by everyone in the Ross barn.


Groom Dagoberto Torres leads Charlie in the paddock. Photo by Hilary Hutchison.


Charlie Thomas breaks from post position 3. Photo by Erin Palmer.


Charlie makes the lead under Leslie Mawing. Photo by Erin Palmer.

You may now be asking yourself, what did we actually win?


Charlie and Leslie Mawing return to the Winner’s Circle. Photo by Wayne Nagai.

We can turn to the chart to see:

chart with win

For Charlie’s first place finish the Club earned $8,195.

Of that 10% is paid to the trainer, 10% to the jockey, and 1% stake to the grooms in the barn.







There’s an additional $5 for Prodigious Fund (retired racehorse fund) and another fee for jockey insurance of $6.50. Those will all be detailed in our Horsemen’s account statement when we review July financials next month.

So all in all you won $6,462.55! (Plus your winning tickets!)


In addition to the Win photos, you may also opt to purchase a DVD of Charlie Thomas’ race for $10. You may do so by visiting Customer Service on Track Level, or by calling 253-288-7711.






5 thoughts on “What did we win?

  1. Thanks to Sharon & Larry, Brian & Mr.Torres. They take good care of Charlie & TW. My wife Shari & I appreciate their efforts. And the chance to visit them in the barn area. They had Charlie razor sharp for the race. There is nothing more exiting than a come from behind win. I was so impressed how Charlie dug deep & pushed in front of the leader at the wire. It was one of the best days, a day that I will remember all my life.
    Jeff Sewell

  2. Hey Sophia, Thanks for the photo’s and info. I got to tell you at church this morning James wanted to light a candle for my mom, who has passed away and for Charlie Thomas because he was so proud of him! Thanks for all you do! Brad Date: Sun, 12 Jul 2015 19:57:06 +0000 To: bmeyer62@hotmail.com

  3. Hey Sophia, et al
    We were also honored this afternoon (Saturday the 18th) with owner of the week. They announced it & ran the replay of the race, so that was pretty cool.
    Rick D

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