Charlie Thomas to race Saturday, August 8

Charlie Thomas is in!

He is entered in the 8th race on Saturday, August 8. It is a $25,000 – $22,500 claiming race going one mile. He has jockey Leslie Mawing aboard.

This is a “step up in class” for Charlie. While it’s only a six horse field, he’ll be running against Coach Royal, Polish Dollar, Until You, Kiss Sin Goodbye, and Southern Solution. These are all horses that have been competing at this level all year.

Paddock List

We had a short list for the paddock last weekend so I’m opening up the RSVP for everyone. I’ve added a question to indicate if you’ve been in the paddock already this year and first time visitors will get preference. For everyone else, we’ll start over with a random draw again and start a new cycle.

RSVP by clicking here (I made some edits, so if it doesn’t work, please let me know right away).

Paddock list will be posted here on Friday night.

Tribal Waters Update

TW came out of his race in great shape and is back on the track training this week.

12 thoughts on “Charlie Thomas to race Saturday, August 8

  1. Sophia — I don’t think my request to go to the paddock went through so I’m sending this message. My husband, Richard Glassburn, is a member. I’m also a member. Neither of us have visited the paddock. Please put our names on the list for Saturday’s race. Thanks. ~ Kathleen   Richard Glassburn Kathleen Glassburn 

    Kathleen Glassburn Writer & Editor

  2. I also wasn’t able to be at the track when Tribal won last week (long-planned, out-of-town trip), but will come Saturday to see Charlie, and put my name in for the paddock since I haven’t yet had a turn.

    As to putting Charlie in claiming race higher than he has been in so far, I wonder if part of that strategy is to decrease the chance that he will not be claimed?

  3. Two questions for Sophia:

    When will the next financial statement be sent out? I think the last one took us through May.

    Also, is there any possibility of visiting Charlie and Tribal on Tuesday morning, August 18? That’s the day of the WTBOA sale, and though normally the barn is not open to us on that day, it would be nice for those of us coming for that to see our two guys as well, if that is possible.

    • Hi Lauren,

      I’ll be sending out June and July statements together. Waiting on July bills this week. If they don’t come in by the end of the weekend I’ll go ahead and send out just June. With regards to your second question about the barn visit, Larry and Sharon Ross will be out at the sale and not at the barn so it will not be open to visitors.

  4. Hi Sophia,
    I Also think my paddock request didn’t go through. If not Could you put me on the List? I have been in the paddock once before.

    Do you know if Tw is planning a workout this Saturday?


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