Paddock List for Saturday, August 8

Paddock List:

  • Joe Hawks
  • Brian Guenther
  • Vicki Wilson
  • John Pierce
  • Laura Doerfler
  • Joan Jones
  • Jason Matthews
  • Marla Kay Ray
  • Jeremy Chung
  • Jet Parrett
  • Christi Walkley
  • Larry Streck
  • Debra Westwood
  • Vicki Wilson
  • Dan O’Brien
  • Jennifer Hallett
  • Kathleen Glassburn
  • Lauren St. Pierre
  • Kris Jackson
  • Chad Fischer
  • Scott Hutchison

Please meet by the paddock immediately following the 7th race.

A reminder to everyone that Breakfast at the Wire runs 8 am – 10 am tomorrow morning. So if you want to come out for breakfast and to watch training it’s the perfect time to do so.

Please note that Saturday and Sunday is the EmD 3-on-3 Basketball tournament so the north Preferred Lot is being used for the tournament.

See you tomorrow!


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