Tribal Waters Wins, Is Claimed

Tribal Waters did it again! Tribal Waters won the 9th race under jockey Leslie Mawing.

Full chart here.

You can watch the replay at > Racing > Race Replays.

Tribal Waters was claimed out of the race by John Parker and goes to Candi Tollett’s barn.

Photos will be posted later this week. Based by the crowd in the win photo – I believe most of you saw the race in person!




26 thoughts on “Tribal Waters Wins, Is Claimed

  1. Got to see the race on tv wow what a nice ride and an even better win but so sad to see tw go really wanted to see him run some more under the Ross barn they did such a great job.Again nice job from Sharon thank your crew for me

  2. What a day, what a magical day. Stryker PHD wins the Longacres mile and my son was all happy tears afterwards as he exclaimed “Stryker did it! He’s like a brother to me, I love him.” I really think that’s a sentiment that best sums up how Strykers legions of fans are feeling tonight.
    In the midst of a joyous winners celebration our horse Tribal Waters was being readied in the paddock for what would be his final race under our ownership. The pride we all felt as our beautiful TW post paraded in front of a packed house on one of horse racings biggest days… couldn’t even measure that amount of pride if there were a way of measuring pride. Then to top it off TW goes out and runs the race of his life and gets a win for all his adoring owners in front of a packed house as we were still reveling in Strykers Historic victory.
    As I said what a day, what a magical day, thanks to all who shared in this day. Whether it be our trainers or jockey all the way down to someone attending there first race today thanks for being a part of the most magical day.

    • Also, I would like to wish TW’s new owners the best of luck. At today’s claiming price it feels as if he’s getting a new home in someone who realizes he’s a pretty special animal.
      The moderate profit I’d say is a teastemt to the Ross’ ability to evaluate talent but to also help a horse greatly improve as both our horses have.

  3. I brought my family out for Mile Day as guests & we had just the best time. I was so happy when TW got entered so they could see him run too. It was a great day. I wanted to see TW run a couple more times before the end of the meet, but the $12,500 price tag was too hard for the other horsemen to pass up. Sharon & Larry did a great job managing TW for us, buying TW at a lower price, improving his form to get 2 wins, then getting the $12,500 claiming price, more than what was paid. Thanks to both of them! And we still have Charlie Thomas to look forward to. Jeff Sewell

  4. I know Tribal Waters eventually needed a home at the end of our season which I am happy to see that he will have new owners. I wasn’t prepared though to see him claimed and I will miss him. He was so happy whenever I was able to see him in the barn. I hope he does well for the new barn and wish him the very best and his new owners. Take good care of him!

  5. Sophia – what happened? I thought from your earlier post that once a horse was purchased outright, it couldn’t be claimed???? Did I misunderstand this? I am so sorry to see Tribal Waters leave our club – he has been an asset. What happens now?

    Kathy Lindsay

    • I think what you might be trying to remember is that because Larry bought TW out of Golden Gate, it wasn’t necessary to make him wait the 45 days to race as it was for Charlie who was claimed. I believe the conditions of the race entered establish whether and for how much a horse can be claimed.

    • Hi Kathy,

      Regardless of how you acquire a horse (claim, purchase privately, or breed yourself), if you run them in a claiming race for a claiming price then anyone may claim them. Tribal Waters and Charlie Thomas have run in claiming races all season. The only exception was a waiver claiming race, which was covered in an earlier blog post.

  6. Yesterday was a fun day for our club, and the Rosses. First the Mile win, and then Tribal’s immediately following the Mile. Thanks again to them and Tribal’s groom for taking such good care of him. The downside is that that good care made him attractive to another owner and trainer, and he got claimed. They will take good care of him, I’m sure. As Shane said, we all felt pride in Tribal Waters as he came into the walking ring before the race, and then won it. If he is not claimed back (and, realistically, I can’t see that happening: he likely won’t race for another two weeks, and if he did and we claimed him back, there would be only four weeks left in which he might race before the meet ends, and then … he would have to be sold), I wish only the best for him going forward, and will be keeping him in my virtual stable and following his future racing career.

  7. What a wonderful day. Some many emotions the happiness I felt for the Ross’s, taking Stryker from a young untrained colt to winning “The Mile” two years in a row. Seeing how happy Leslie was after the ride, how he shook each owners hand in the paddock before TW race. The happiness I felt watching him prance around going out to the track. I felt he knew we were there for him, wishing him the best. Then to see how he ran, you could see how easy it was for him. How much fun he was having. I know without Sharon “fattening him up, figuring the right blinkers, and the grooms giving him the best care it would not seem is effortless. You could almost feel he wanted to give his all for all of us. We had met Mr Parker that Saturday breakfast at the wire. He seems like a very knowledgeable and caring owner. I knew we were going to lose TW and Charlie at the end if the season, and it’s bittersweet seeing him leave the wonderful barn of the Ross’s, I just hope Mr Parker knows what a great horse he got and will treat him right. Remember there is 188 of us watching you. Good Luck to Tribal Waters and his new owners you made a good choice Mr Parker, I just wished you had waited till the end of the season .

  8. Incredible day for the Rosses, Mawing, the club and just all around! As for TW, unless they bump him way up, I’d be inclined to claim him right back. Why not? Club has money, he’s a great horse and we might get a couple of more races out of him. Coming in this year there seemed to be a courtesy accorded to the “peoples club” established last year that if the horse was raced appropriately, then wait till the end of the year to perhaps claim or buy him/her. The club doesn’t keep horses over the winter. This year the gloves seem to be off. Get in there and poach the horse, obviously undermining the great value the club has at promoting and educating potential new horse owners. Good for all. Claiming him back would establish/ reinforce another precedent, claim the club horse if you like but get to keep him for one race, pretty much a waste of time. This might set the tone for the future success of the club.

    • Jay, I get what you are saying about claiming. It kinda knocks the wind out of you, especially if you are a new owner. I know I felt awful when we lost Charlie, but we have to remember that that’s how we got Charlie, and then lost him, then got him back. Tribal was a little different in that he was purchased privately, but still, claiming is the bread and butter of racing, and in that respect everyone in the game (other than those lucky enough to have a stakes-placed horse) is on an even footing. It’s why veterans at the racing game tell people not to get attached to your horse, but that’s hard for many of us to do. We worry about what will happen to a horse when he goes to another barn, and if he will get the same good care as our trainer gave him. Lots of unknowns. But one thing that may help lessen the sting of the loss is to wish Tribal well in his new barn, and that he continues to win races. Winning for his new owner is what will keep him in the game, and well cared for from here on out. And who knows, maybe we could claim him back next year!

      • I really appreciate your thoughtful upbeat reply. I just don’t think the club will survive very long if a pattern develops where one or two owner/trainers claims both horses in the club at the beginning or mid year as a matter of course, without a response. I advocated for claiming Charlie back and would be inclined to claim TW back if they don’t bump him way up. It is known to all that both these horses are available at the end of the year. The club has great potential to promote new ownership at Emd which is good for all parties concerned. But enough. Thanks again for your point of view. I agree whole heartedly with your concern that TW remain healthy and well taken care of regardless of ownership.

  9. Congratulations to TW and to the Rosses and Leslie M. for a great Longacres Mile Day! It was very inspiring to me as someone new to the ERC this year to see how both TW and Charlie have improved as the season has progressed and esp. the grit and determination they both show coming down the stretch. It is a jolt to lose TW with a month to go in the ED season but it is a reality of the business side of the racing industry. Assuming Charlie is not claimed in his final races here, is there a possibility of keeping Charlie as the ERC horse instead of selling him off at season’s end? Thanks to income from the race purses and sale of TW, it seems like the club finances are in good shape to cover boarding costs over the winter and it would be tough to find another horse next season who is very competitive at the $25,000 claiming level and will still be just a 5 yo next season. Charlie has definitely become a fan favorite with the ERC and I’d hate to lose him at a discounted price at season’s end.

    • That’s an intriguing proposition, considering the fact that neither horse in last year’s club was claimed, and members got some money back from their $500 investment. This year we had some nice wins, and now the money from Tribal’s claim in the coffers. Would there be enough money this year to pay for winter upkeep for Charlie? I think it costs less per day when a horse is not in training to race, so maybe this would work, but I can’t say for sure. Is this idea a viable one, Sophia?

    • I think the reality of that thought is that I’d assume the club would drop Charlie in class allowing for his best shot at going out with a win and my guess would be is that he’s claimed for anything less than 15,000 next time out.
      The only shot at the club keeping him through EmD’s off season is if a smaller syndicate was formed in the next week or two with the intention of claiming Charlie and running him all fall and winter where ever the Ross’ see fit. Portland or NorCal? If there’s any interest in such I’d be interested. But as far as having a horse burn a 30000 dollar hole in the clubs wallet over the next 8 months where he could still be claimed in his first outing next year….. that would definitely be impractical.

  10. FYI, Charlie Thomas’ little sis is making her racing debut in the first race on Sunday at Golden Gate. Her name is Pretty Patricia. I thought some folks might be interested! 🙂

  11. I was so thrilled to sit on Wasserman yesterday and take a few steps; I hope we can do that again and maybe take a few more steps! Thank you to Emerald Downs!

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