No Racing For Charlie This Weekend

Despite multiple attempts, the races for Charlie did not fill so he will not be racing this weekend. We had the same situation last week when Charlie was entered and he was the only horse entered in his race.

We will try again next weekend.

Just a note on barn visits – Sharon is going for knee surgery next week so she will not be at the barn in case you were planning to visit. Arturo will be in charge so if you visit, please be respectful of the barn help and know that they may be attending to other things.

A reminder to use caution around the horses. Charlie has been getting a bit spoiled and I know he tried to bite after the treats ran out!

Save the Date -ERC Year-End Party

Save the date for Sunday, September 27 for the Emerald Racing Club year end party in the trackside tents! More details will be forthcoming as it gets closer.

Win Photos

The win photo from Tribal Waters last race is available from the track photographer. Contact Erin Palmer 503-380-0430 or stop in the track photographers office.

Erin was also able to get some photos of Charlie training this past week. Sharon reports he is training well and ready to run if we can get a race.

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24 thoughts on “No Racing For Charlie This Weekend

  1. Hello Sophia,
    You may have already answered these two questions. If so, apologies for the repeat.
    1. What happens to Charlie Thomas at the end of the Emerald racing season if he has not been claimed?
    2. At the end of the Emerald season, what happens to most of the horses in the Emerald barns? Do they go off to farms for off-season R&R? To other race courses in warmer climes to continue racing? To other activities if it appears they don’t have racing promise?


    • Hi Vicki,

      Great questions. If Charlie is not claimed, he will be sold. First preference will be given to any ERC members that want to spin-off and start their own group.

      The barn area at Emerald Downs closes the week after closing day and some horses go to farms to rest for the winter and others will head south to other tracks to continue campaigning.

      For those looking to retire, we have a Thoroughbred Showcase on September 19 that is an event open to the public. We take any horses ready for second careers and Showcase them to prospective buyers. It’s a great way for buyers to see many horse all at once and for our trainers to meet and network with the sport horse people.

  2. Hi Sophia. Thanks for the updates. Is it common, as we move into the end of the season, for races to not fill? Or is this just a fluke of timing?

    • Hi Debra,

      Great question! As the season progresses, the horse population drops slighlty. Also, horses begin to get tired and need a break or come up with injuries that reduces the population even more. If there are less horses available to enter, then depending on the category, you may suddenly find yourself with no competition!

  3. No race for Charlie this weekend either. From what I can see in the condition book, there is only one more race left for him this year. That’s the 9th race next Sunday, so a week from tomorrow. Hopefully we will see him then.
    With Charlie being at such a high level & unable to race very often, it now seems obvious (In Retrospect) that we should have claimed or purchased a 3rd horse, so we could have seen a couple races these last 2 months.
    With the amount of money I assume we have left it would have been easily affordable, & I don’t know about the rest of the club members, but I sure would have liked to see more than one race in the final 9 weeks of the meet. As good as our trainers are, they could take any horse at ED & turn them into a winner. It seems like a lost opportunity to me.

  4. Sophia … Where can we send a “get-well soon” card to Sharon? She has been so lovely to all of us when we visit the barn and we truly appreciate her patience with all of us.

    Thanks … ZeeDate: Fri, 4 Sep 2015 21:57:29 +0000 To:

  5. I for one am terribly disappointed that Charlie is not racing again this season and I feel we really didn’t get to see him much at all. I agree with the post above that said we should have had a horse that could race more often. I was very excited to be a club owner but feel we didn’t really get a good experience considering Tribal Waters was claimed and Charlie barely raced. Next year I would hope the club purchases horses that have more chances to compete. Yes, I am brand new to being an owner with this club so I’m not an expert by any means, but I am at Emerald Downs every weekend and see the same horses over and over again, only to be disappointed that yet again our horse is on the sidelines.

    • The horses that you are seeing run all the time typically are not improving horses or moving up the claiming ladder. But Charlie is and that is exciting! I’d much rather have an improving horse over a horse that runs in the lowest ranks, every other weekend. Nobody can predict what horses may come and go or get claimed away. I feel we are very lucky to have found Charlie and I’m super excited to see what the future has in store for him!

    • Hi Tandy,

      I’m sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the Club experience. But what you got was the true experience of racehorse ownership. You just never know what you are going to get and there are no “givens” in horse racing. But what we did have were two very exciting horses that made it to the winner’s circle.

      If you wish to continue as an owner on your own in horse racing, you have to make the decision on what is best for you and what you’d prefer. If it’s a horse that races every two weeks, then you can pick it out, pick a trainer and claim it for yourself!

  6. This is the bittersweet part of owning a racehorse that none of us was thinking about when the meet started. I’ve been watching racing and reading about it for several years, and nothing that has happened with our two horses during this meet was a surprise to me. We experienced the highs (the wins) and the lows (the claims), and so got the full experience of what it is like to campaign a racehorse, although, because there were so many of us to share in the expense, we didn’t experience the full cost that a single owner would. And it gets more expensive if one owns a horse of the caliber of a Stryker, PhD, for example–who isn’t up to be claimed, but whose owners must put up money to nominate their horse to the races he runs in, in addition to all the other expenses involved.

    I noticed four or five horses who ran most often during the course of the meet, every two weeks in a few cases. A couple of them won least once; all were low-level claimers, none higher than $4000. None of them were claimed. Charlie and Tribal went up in value during the meet, and were noticed by others, and claimed. This is the way that this game is played, and claiming is the bread and butter of the game. The more valuable horses will always attract interest from other owners and trainers. I’m pleased to have shared in the fun of owning them, and it will be a little sad to see them go now that the meet is almost over, but we can all keep Charlie and Tribal in our virtual stables and follow their careers from here on out, wherever they race. Best of all, in addition to their wins for us, is that they are ending the meet uninjured and healthy, thanks to the good care of our trainers and their team at the barn. I’m so pleased to have been a part of the club, because having your horse win his race is a thrill and a high like nothing else.

    If a race is written for Charlie for the final weekend, that would be great, but it doesn’t seem likely. In any case, I’m hoping we will be able to visit him before the track closes, to say goodbye and give him a sendoff with carrots and mints. He’s a champ, and so is Tribal. Let us know, Sophia, when we might be able to do this, and thanks to you for all your work on behalf of the club, and keeping us informed. I’m already looking ahead to next year …

    • I couldn’t have said this better. What a great time we had this racing season. I will never forget jumping up and down screaming we won we won when Charlie won his first race. TW may have had better results, but my heart belongs to Charlie. Thank you to Sharron for answering all our questions,( and those horse shoes), thanks Larry for having a great eye to find two such amazing athletes. See you next year. We just hope our luck holds, because this is not how most ownership seasons end. We had two healthy animals that won. What a great yearβ˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

  7. I was quite happy with the results of the club this year. I went in with low expectations just hoping to win a race. We won three races, had fun and made some money. Sophia when will next year open up?

    • Existing members will get pre-registration period in January and then it will open to the public February! I will send out the email so if you change your email address between now and January, please let me know!

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