Race Doesn’t Fill – Charlie Will Not Run This Weekend


Charlie was entered in “Book 9” for Sunday, September 20. Book 9 was a $25,000 Claiming Race for three year olds and upward going one mile.

As you can see from the board, only one horse entered (Charlie) and the race was called off.

As of now, there are no further races in the condition book for three year olds and upward going long. So unless another extra race is written, Charlie Thomas is done racing for the season.

He has been entered every weekend for the past three weekends and unfortunately, the races just didn’t have enough horses to make them go.

Charlie Thomas will be sold privately. There is a small spin-off group from the Emerald Racing Club that is interested in purchasing him to continue running in California over the winter. If you are interested and have not yet emailed me, please do so at emeraldracingclub@gmail.com and I’ll put you in contact with the group.

Year End Party

The Emerald Racing Club year-end party is set for Sunday, September 27. An RSVP will be posted later this weekend so we can get a count on who can make it.

Thoroughbred Showcase – Saturday, September 19

Being a responsible racehorse owner means being responsible for your horse after their career has concluded. In the case of Charlie Thomas, he is fit and ready to continue racing and will be sold for that purpose so we don’t have to face the retirement question. But what if we did?

What happens when your horse can no longer race and you need to retire it? Not all horses are suitable for the breeding shed.

It is your responsibility as an owner to find the horse a good home, and plan for supporting the horse financially for however long that may take. Often, your trainer can assist in marketing the horse and helping to find it a good home but the ultimate responsibility falls to you – the owner.

Buyers are seeking different things when shopping for an off the track Thoroughbred (OTTB). Thoroughbreds can do just about anything, but the biggest demand comes from eventing, hunter/jumpers and dressage. And these buyers want a SOUND horse, meaning a horse without injuries that would prevent it from partaking in the rider’s chosen discipline.

If a racehorse continues to race with injuries, their after racing value drops in the eyes of the OTTB buyer. It becomes the responsibility of the owner to decide when the right time is to retire their horse with consideration for their quality of life and ability to continue on in a second career.

For that purpose the Prodigious Fund (remember the $5 payment to Thoroughbred Retirement?) is hosting the Thoroughbred Showcase. This is an event to bring together prospective buyers with horses looking for new homes.

The event is Saturday, September 19 and is held in the temporary stalls at Emerald Downs. We have 27 horses entered in the Showcase and expect 50 prospective buyers to be shopping for their new partner. The event is open to the public and begins at 9 am. (Available horses are posted at www.facebook.com/prodigiousfund). Consider making time to come to the Showcase. You’ll see some familiar names of horses that were running this year, and you’ll even see Starlet of Seattle, who was racing around Griffin Place when we went for farm visits.

Starlet of Seattle - a 12 year old broodmare ready for a new career. She'll be available for viewing at the Thoroughbred Showcase.

Starlet of Seattle – a 12 year old broodmare ready for a new career. She’ll be available for viewing at the Thoroughbred Showcase.



15 thoughts on “Race Doesn’t Fill – Charlie Will Not Run This Weekend

  1. I heard a rumor in the barn last week that everyone is afraid to run against Charlie. They know Charlie lives by STRYKER PHD, and Stryker has been telling Charlie all his secrets. Just a rumor 
    Still it would had been great to see another race with Charlie this Seasons.

  2. Hey Sophia

    Why do you think it has been so hard for Charlie to find a race? Is this a common problem for some horses? I see all these other horses running all the time; winners and losers running way more races than Charlie. Just wondering. Thanks. Brad

    Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 23:10:23 +0000 To: bmeyer62@hotmail.com

  3. Well sure hope who ever ends up with Charlie they take good care of him and keep him healthy and race him at that 3 week pace to keep him well rested as he sure was fun to watch gave his all every race nice job Sharon and Larry and a special thanks to the barn and everybody that worked with Charlie

  4. Hello Sophia
    I would like to know how much Charlie is being sold for. I would assume it is for at least 10K, the amount we paid for him when we originally claimed him. Please let me know.
    Thank You,
    Rick Dalzell

  5. We agree Rick and we would be interested also Sophia. Since we claimed him back for 12.5K and he ran in a 25K claiming race and finished second, we think his value has increased. Also due to the great training by Sharon.
    Thank you,
    Sandy Renschler

  6. Hi Sophia,
    Thank you for the financials. Great job! We truly had a lot of success in our club racing experience this year! Congratulations to us all! I was just wondering though if there are any thoughts, ideas, suggestions for next years club?

  7. Hello Sophia
    I am still wondering how much Charlie Thomas will be selling for. Please let us know when you get a chance.
    Thank You
    Rick Dalzell

  8. I would sincerely like to thank Sophia for sharing the philosophy of responsible horse ownership. I’m the Vice-President of a local horse rescue and while we specifically work with neglected horses (primarily through Animal Control cases) occasionally we end up with Thoroughbreds who once raced at Emerald Downs but fell into hard times in the years following their retirement. Emerald Downs has been very supportive of our efforts to rehabilitate, retrain and responsibly rehome them by featuring them in the “Where Are They Now?” Videos.
    I understand how important it is as an owner to hold ourselves accountable for the future of our athletes, even when they need to retire.
    Thanks to all of us, Charlie Thomas ended up in a great group with awesome trainers like Sharon & Larry!

  9. This was our first year participating in the Emerald Downs Racing Club, we have enjoyed it so much that we want to be added to the ERC list for next year. Thank you to all the people involved with ERC, we sure have enjoyed the season.

    Dennis & Kathy Willborg

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