Final Try

We made one final attempt to get a race for Charlie. He was entered in extra 3 for Sunday, September 27. The race was a $25,000 claimer going 1 1/16th.

2015-09-24 14.50.39

As you can see from the entry board, the race only had 3 in it and did not go for Sunday.

Many of you have asked, “Where have all the horses gone?” Specifically, Charlie’s competition.

If you’ve been following the races, you likely already know the answer, but for the rest of you, I went back and pulled his competition and took a look at where they’ve gone to.

From August 8, $25,000 claimer going a mile (Charlie finished second)

Coach Royal

  • 8/30 Allowance where he finished 5th
  • 9/13 for $25,000 Claimer going 6 1/2 furlongs where he finished 5th

Kiss Sin Goodbye

  • 8/22 $15,000 claimer going 1 mile, finished 1st

Polish Dollar

  • 8/28 for $25,000 claimer going 6 furlongs, finished 7th

Southern Solution

  • 8/22 for $15,000 claiming going 1 mile, finished 3rd
  • 9/7 for $10,000 claiming going 6 furlongs, finished 7th

Until You

  • 8/29 for $15,000 claiming going 6 furlongs, finished 3rd
  • 9/13 ran in the Muckleshoot Tribal Classic going 1 1/16, finished 5th and last.

A number of items jump out when looking at his competition and that is most of them went down the claiming ladder. Which would make sense since they were unsuccessful at the $25,000 level against Charlie.

The other item that jumps out is that those that stayed at the 25K level had to sprint. We all know after our failed first outing with Charlie that he simply is not a sprinter and he requires two turns to be successful.

So let’s go back one more race and look at the $15,000 Claiming horses that Charlie beat on July 11:

Rocky’s Quest

  • 7/25 – $15K going 1 1/16 miles, did not finish. Horse stumbled, lost rider and hit the inside rail. He was injured and is recovering.

Kiss Sin Goodbye – see above.


  • 7/25 for 15K at 1 1/16 mile, finished 2nd
  • 8/14 for 15K at 6 1/2f, finished 6th
  • 8/29 for 15K at 6 f, finished 8th

St Nicholas Abby

  • 8/1 for $12.5K at 6 1/2f, finished 3rd (Tribal Waters beat)
  • 8/16 for $12.5K at 6f, finished 8th
  • 9/7 for $10K at 6 f, finished 8th
  • 9/18 Starter Alw/$10K at 6 f, finished 7th


  • 10K at 1 1/16 miles, finished 1st
  • 9/12 for $15K at 1 mile, finished 3rd

Oldtimers Vision

  • 7/25 for $15K at 1 1/16 miles, finished 3rd
  • 8/14 for $15K at 6 1/2f, finished 3rd
  • 8/22 for $15K at 1 mile, finished 2nd
  • 9/12 for $15K at 1 mile, finished 5th

Even from this race there was only one horse that moved up and that was Kiss Sin Goodbye who Charlie saw in his next race. This is also the only horse that has continued to enter the $25K level going long with Charlie.

Charlie essentially outran his competition. His competition either remained at the $15,000 claiming level or shortened up to sprints in order to run.

If he ran back at the $15,000 level after finishing second for $25,000, we can make a safe assumption that he would have been claimed. And given that Tribal Waters was claimed, we wanted to keep Charlie at a level that he could run at and hopefully not get claimed.

So what happens to Charlie now?

Those of you that have expressed an interest in continued ownership of Charlie have been connected and we have offered Charlie to this group for $20,000. A fair price given his successful run at the $25,000 level, but a bit less than his last claiming price so this new group of owners can have an opportunity to acquire a good horse and embark on their own ownership. He’s fit and ready to run and should be able to have a good run in California over the winter.

The sale is not complete. We are giving this new group time to meet, discuss financials and evaluate their participation. Everyone needs to be comfortable with their expectations and have their questions answered before committing because ownership is a huge personal responsibility.

Party Update

Most important item – Seahawks game WILL BE on one of the big flat screen tvs in the tent.

  • Tent will be available at 1 pm, first race 2 pm
  • Food served 3 pm – 4 pm.
  • BBQ Beef Sandwiches
  • garlic and herb roasted chicken
  • mashed potatoes and gravy
  • housemade potato chips with dip
  • BLT salad
  • Fresh and marinated vegetable platter with ranch dip
  • watermelon tray
  • fresh baked cookies
  • beverage station and cash bar

If you’ve RSVP’d (see previous blog), then I’ve got you on my list. I’ll see you there!

Save the Date

The fun isn’t over yet. You’ve been personally invited by El Dorado Farms to attend their Open House and Stallion Presentation on Sunday, October 4.

More details to come.








16 thoughts on “Final Try

  1. It would have been nice to see Charlie go for one last win for the club, but I guess it’s not to be. All I know is, that last race was the coolest 2nd I ever saw. One more time THANK YOU Larry & Sharon Ross, the best trainers @ Emerald Downs & the entire Pacific Northwest as far as I am concerned. Also the best jock @ Emerald, Leslie Mawing, for 4 fantastic rides, which provided thrills I will not ever forget. Congrats & good luck to you guys at Golden Gate!!

  2. Thank you Sophia! We had to travel to California so we will miss the party.

    Being a part of ERC was a blast and We learned a ton. Love the program and the way you lead it.

    I’ll be following Charlie horse and hope the Ross team continues to train him as they are amazing!

    We hope to partake next season!

    Loren & Stacey Saintz


  3. It was another great year for the racing club, and I want to thank all involved. We won’t be at the party Sunday because I’m going to the Seahawks game. Wishing all you new owners good luck with Charlie! May your ownership experience be joyful and last longer than ours did with Yodeler. I plan to join the racing club again next year and am looking forward to it!

    • Sophia, what about visiting Charlie one more time this weekend, will we be able to do that?

      Also, thank you for explaining the situation with Charlie’s races not filling these last weeks. It’s no surprise to me that he’s gone up in class,and I’m very pleased to have been a part of all the fun we’ve had with him and Tribal this year. I wish all the best for the group that is going to continue to campaign Charlie from here on out–maybe he will continue to go up in class to the point where he can be entered in races from which he will no longer be claimed, and how exciting is that! Thanks to all of Charlie’s and Tribal’s team for their great work on our behalf, and I hope they will do so again next year.


  4. Looking forward to next year when I can join. When do the final numbers come out so we can study real costs in ownership. Can I still come to Dorado? Laurie

  5. What a great experience. Both the exhilarating highs of watching both the horses do so well and the lows of the claiming game and of not having their best races. I’m sure some ownership experiences are without the wins and just loaded with the frustration and expenses so I feel very lucky. Kudos to both the Rosses for horse selection, great care and training and knowledgably selecting races appropriate. I’d like to send my regards to Sharon for a speedy and fully successful recovery. Just back from Tokyo where I made an effort to get out to the Nakayama race course to see how it’s done over there. Huge beautiful track facility no doubt but they run the wrong way! Also, on turf and the finishing stretch is slightly up hill. Quite interesting to say the least. I was thinking, “if we could just get Charlie over there”.

  6. I’d like to do a big shout out to Sophia, our mother hen, for all the hard work and diligence she put into this year’s race club. Considering we had 188 members, it could not have been easy to pull everything together but she did it with grace and resolve. See you all next year!

  7. Sophia, I was out of town last week and missed the party. I would like to drop by and say good bye to Charlie before his trip to California. What fun this year has been! I look forward to next year, and more fun. Sophia, what a blessing you are. I learned so much thisnyear. And a special thanks to Larry, Sharon and the crew for such great care of Charlie and Tribal Waters. Best Time Ever!!!

  8. I see that Charlie Thomas had a workout at Golden Gate the other day. What is his status with the racing club at this point? Has someone bought him? Please let us know,Sophia.

  9. Hi Sophia, Have you sent out a notification regarding the sale of Charlie Thomas? My Virtual Stable indicates he had a work-out at Golden Gate yesterday. It sure would be nice to have a communication regarding the sale. Thanks, Christi Walkley

    Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2015 23:36:03 +0000 To:

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