Archie Graham Wins Debut for ERC


You should still be basking in the glow of victory! Many thanks to trainers Larry & Sharon Ross, jockey Leslie Mawing, exercise rider Brian Allen, and the grooms; Arturo, Miguel and Angel! It really is a team effort to get each and every horse to the races and a superb job by everyone in the Ross barn.

Archie Graham won the 9th race Sunday, May 15 in breathtaking last to first fashion.

You can replay the race by clicking here. Full chart is here.

_10V0401 _10V0409 _10V0417

At the end of the day we all have our memories of the experience, but we also have the very official (and coveted) “Win Photo” taken by the track photographer.

You may order one from Reed Palmer Photography (official track photographer) for $10. This is a special promotional rate offered to Emerald Racing Club members. Email or call 503-380-0430 to request your photo.

For future reference (and wins), the track photographer is located on ground level of the Grandstand to your left before you exit the main gates. The photos are copyrighted, please don’t print from here.


You may now be asking yourself, what did we actually win?


We can turn to the chart to see:


For Archie’s first place finish the Club earned $6,325.

Of that 10% is paid to the trainer, 10% to the jockey, and 1% stake to the grooms in the barn.







There’s an additional $5 for Prodigious Fund (retired racehorse fund) and another fee for jockey insurance of $6.50. Those will all be detailed in our Horsemen’s account statement when we review May financials next month.

So all in all you won $4,985.25! (Plus your winning tickets!)

Archie Update

Archie came out of the race in fine fashion. He has walked the past three days and will be back on the track tomorrow for a jog. Sharon will evaluate how he feels and we’ll make a game plan for his next race.

Next Horse

The Club is actively shopping for it’s next horse. We had identified a horse on Saturday that we opted to pass on after seeing the horse in the flesh. This has happened multiple times thus far and while we are eager to acquire the second horse for the Club, but patience is required to find the perfect fit! Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “Archie Graham Wins Debut for ERC

  1. Oh Archie, what a thrilling win! I know I screamed and there I am in the picture above in the purple jacket! Little did I know I would get in that photograph and smiling at Archie!

  2. Sophia, last year we were also able to order DVDs of our horses’ races. Will that be the case this year, and if so, please let us know who we need to contact. Thanks.

  3. Sophia,

    Please give me the name of the photographer that has all the photos of our horses 🐎 over the past 3 years. I wish to purchase the photos and then I’ll paint them for my home.

    Thank you. I’m sure you’ve given me this info before, and I apologize for repeating this request.


    Kay Ray

  4. It was surprising & such a thrill to see Archie run such a big race his 1st time out after being off for a while. Sharon did a great job of getting him ready! And it looks like Larry Ross has picked another winner for the club.

  5. I want to thank everyone in the Ross barn that have worked so hard to get Archie ready for that great race and for the jockey Leslie wow what a race and what a ride he got bumped hard as the gate opened and did a great job to recover and go from last to first what a thrill thank you all

  6. Hi Sophia
    My wife Kathleen and I have one joint membership in the Racing Club. We were there to watch Archie’s big win! Very exciting!
    We have one small problem. There were no guest passes in our packet. The lady at the gate was nice enough to let Kathleen in last Sunday(probably on my good looks?). However that wont work every time! Could you please mail us how ever many guest passes we are supposed to have? Mailing address:
    Richard & Kathleen Glassburn
    21911 98th Ave West
    Edmonds, WA 98020


    Dick Glassburn
    Sr Vice President/Financial Advisor/Portfolio Manager
    701 5th Ave Suite 4050
    Seattle, WA 98104
    This message sent from my desk top pc

    • Hi Dick! – I touched base with Jan Baze and she informed me that you picked up the parking pass and guest passes already. They are the plastic passes that say Horsemen on them. You should have received two!

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