Sunday Paddock Winners

Good Morning & Go Archie Graham!

Archie is in Race 6 today at 4:11 p.m.

Here are the paddock winners:

Gina Goodyear

Zee Straight-Weiss

Neva Sexton

Chris Trujillo

Michael Monelli

Cameron Cossettes

Andrea Talkington

Joy Carlson

Patti Klump

Steve Brustkern

Robert & Celia Handley

If you’re name wasn’t drawn and you still haven’t had a turn, you go to the head of the list next race!

PS–Archie Graham is No. 10 today, meaning he will be saddled on the north end of the saddling barn.

I think we have a big chance to at least finish in the top three today, and perhaps win. Hoody and Ain’t Tellin’ ensure an honest early pace, and horses rallying from off-the-pace fared very well Saturday.

A big key is what happens into the first turn. Breaking from the far outside, Leslie Mawing hopefully can maneuver Archie inside and tuck behind the leaders, otherwise we risk being caught wide into the first turn.If Archie can get good position early and save ground, we’ll be right there at the finish. Incidentally, Mawing rode two winners Saturday–both from off the pace–and seems to be back on his game.

Look forward to seeing everyone!


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