Updated: Archie Graham Finishes 4th Again

Archie Graham gave it a good try, but came up a bit short and finished fourth in the 6th race Sunday at Emerald Downs. It was a decent showing, considering there were 10 horses in the race.

In fact, Archie Graham was only beaten about 3 lengths for the whole ball of wax, as He’s Cagey–winning his third straight race–prevailed by a neck over Tribal Money while the latter was a head in front of third place Hoody.

Archie Graham also raced five-wide on the last turn, so he lost a bit of ground too.

Like I said, it wasn’t a a bad showing, although I’m sure most of you were hoping for a victory today. Maybe Sophia McKee was the whole key to success? After all, I don’t recall back-to-back losses with SM at the helm of ERC!

Anyway, I watched Archie Graham closely after the race and he appeared to walk off OK. However, I’ll confirm Archie’s health with Larry and Sharon Ross on Monday and pass along their thoughts to everyone.

So after three starts for Emerald Racing Club, Archie Graham has one win, two fourths and $8,208 in earnings.

I suppose we could also find solace in the fact that Sunday’s race was exceptionally fast for a $10,000 claiming race at 1 1/16 miles. He’s Cagey was timed in 1:41.94, which was quite a bit faster than Find Joy’s winning time of 1:43.40 in the Kent Stakes for 3-year-old fillies later on the card.

Incidentally, He’s Cagey was claimed for $10,000 Sunday by owner John Parker and trainer Candi Tollett, and likely will move up a level meaning we won’t have to face him in the next race.

As for adding a second ERC horse. . .

I can tell you that we came close this weekend, and that we’re studying horses and their past performances with a fine tooth comb. We will come up with another horse soon!

Finally, another marvelous turn out for today’s race. You people are amazing!


7 thoughts on “Updated: Archie Graham Finishes 4th Again

  1. Tribal Money’s late push in the homestretch was pretty impressive and that brief neck & neck between Archie & TM was a thrill to watch!

  2. Archies’ got it. Just needs things to fall in place. He’ll be fine next outing. It was a great day at the races and I’m so proud of how our team welcomed Archie back. The red tag showing up scared me for a second. So glad it wasn’t for Archie.

  3. From the 10 post he ran a good race, he lost some group, but it could not be avoided. If he had a trip from the 2 or 3 post, he would have been right there. The $10,000 class of routers looks to be very deep & competitive. It’s going to be tough to get wins. Thanks to Sharon, Larry & the rest of the barn crew for doing a nice job. Archie looked great in the paddock before the race !

    • Jeff, I agree 100 percent. He’s Cagey got an 85 Beyer which is off the charts for the class level. The $10,000 routers are a deep bunch indeed. Archie Graham got a 79 Beyer, which is a career-high by 5 points. . .and Archie just turned 4 years old on April 12. He ran very well Sunday.

  4. I agree that this was an extremely competitive field and was going to be a tough race for him to win. Archie raced extremely well and finished in the top four which was excellent.

  5. That was a great race out of a 10 horse field and a good finish in 4th Archie came out with no injuries and is doing good I want to thank Leslie for another great ride and Sharon and all the people that have been working with Archie keep up the great work

  6. Vince .

    Checking in on the year end wrap up . how is it going ? I didn’t not get a response from you on the last Email I sent ?? I am looking for the year end Financial sheet for the ERC . Hoping to hear back .


    Todd Pogorelc

    509 833-8279

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