We Claimed Diamonds Dena!

As most of you know by now, Emerald Racing Club added a second horse to its roster Friday. We claimed 5-year-old mare Diamonds Dena out of Friday’s 6th race for $15,000.

Diamonds Dena absolutely loves Emerald Downs, as she proved again Friday with a 1 & 1/2-length victory over Ronda Rocks in a very respectable 1:36.97 for one mile. Diamonds Dena is now 6-for-8 at Emerald Downs (8-for-24 overall) and gives us a an older filly or mare that perfectly complements Archie Graham in our barn.

We taped a video with Sharon Ross filling out the claim slip, explaining why Diamonds Dena is a good fit with Emerald Racing Club. When making the video, we still weren’t sure we would make the claim as Sharon and Larry wanted to take a closer look at Diamonds Dena when she came over to be saddled for the 6th race.

This was the second claim we’ve dropped in the last two weeks. Last time, however, there were three claims in on the horse we tried to acquire, and we lost the subsequent shake and came away empty-handed.

This time, ours was the only claim on Diamonds Dena and all of us–Larry, Sharon, Jacob Pollowitz and myself–were excited to see the red tag placed on Diamonds Dena. We got her, we like her and we’re confident you’re going to like Diamonds Dena too!


Diamonds Dena wins Friday’s feature race at Emerald Downs!


9 thoughts on “We Claimed Diamonds Dena!

  1. Hooray! But I thought somewhere during orientation or somewhere, didn’t we talk about not claiming from other barns at ED? Like that’s bad manners or frowned upon, at least until towards the end of the season? (Although both Tribe & Charlie got claimed last year so perhaps I am mis-remembering.)

    • Hi Debra, I believe that was in previous years, However, turnabout is fair play, should one of our horses get claimed!

  2. Thank you Vince, Jacob & Sharon for making the claiming video for us. I always wondered how the claiming process went & the video showed us perfectly. Well Done !!

    Jeff Sewell

  3. Great video on how to write a claim . Thank you for the post on another aspect of the racing game. Archie is going for the win..got to impress the newest filly in the barn

  4. This is great news! Larry and Sharon have great eyes for picking a good horse, if our experiences so far are any indication, and they’ve done it again. I have noticed Dena beofre, and am very pleased to hear that the club is now her new owner. Can’t wait to get over to the barn to welcome her. Let’s hope that Archie doesn’t get claimed from us today, and, of course—that HE WINS!

  5. I forgot to ask if Vince could post Dena’s past performance chart, as Sophia did when we claimed Archie, so that we can see what’s done in her racing career so far.

  6. Hi we are coming out tonight for the first time this year….where do we pick up graces “stuff”?

    Boris Castellanos Sent from my handheld, please excuse the brevity.

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