Drats! Archie Graham 4th Again

It was a hectic weekend, folks!

We acquired a second horse–Diamonds Dena–while our existing horse–Archie Graham– finished fourth. Again.

Sunday’s race was frustrating. All things considered, Archie Graham wound up getting a decent trip from the 10-hole, and it was exciting to watch Archie Graham and Leslie Mawing rally into contention on the last turn. In fact, I really thought we had a good chance to get the money, but it just wasn’t to be. The three horses in front of us into the lane–Life Is a Joy, Private Boss and Hoody–battled all the way to the wire with Life Is a Joy prevailing in a 42-to-1 upset.

So for the second straight race Archie Graham finished fourth out of 10, not bad in the final analysis. But if there’s one thing I know about Emerald Racing Club, it’s that you folks are accustomed to winning!

I’ll let the dust settle and get an Archie Graham report from Larry and Sharon Ross and pass it along.

Diamonds Dena came out of her win Friday in good order and I’ll see what their thoughts are on a potential race for her too.

Also, Nina Hagen of El Dorado Farms and myself are trying to work out a date for our visit to the farm.

Have a great week everyone!




4 thoughts on “Drats! Archie Graham 4th Again

  1. I thought Leslie and Archie ran a good race today. Leslie was able to get Archie closer inside around the turns to gain some ground and thought Archie could have a chance when he started making his move at the 3/16 pole. It wasn’t to be. What was his Beyer on this race? Is there a place I can look up the Beyer myself?

  2. Archie earned a check & ran a nice race. It was exciting at the top of the stretch when he was clear & just behind the leaders. The $10,000 claiming group of routers is so tough. I wonder how Archie would do in a sprint race?? At least he beat He’s Cagey this time.

    Thanks to Sharon, Larry & the crew for doing a nice job of getting him fit & ready!

  3. First, I know that all of us are eager to hear that Archie returned to his stall last night with a good appetite and also sound. He put in a good effort again; as Sophia said, “he tries” and I could see this as I watched from the rail near the finish line. Thinking about the outcome of Archie’s race as I was driving home, I wondered if a drop of one rung in class would be of help to him in his next race. He can go a route of ground, as we have seen, so distance is not the problem. With a slight drop in class, Archie would be competing against different horses than in his past two races. But, more importantly, after three losses, it would build up his confidence, which is so important for a horse, as Sophia has also told us. We want him to win for us, of course, but we also want HIM to know that he is capable of getting the job done, because we have already seen that he can do it. If the sheer number of us cheering him on at the rail as we did yesterday would determine who wins, he’d win every single time!

  4. If we drop him in class the other trainers/owners would claim him so fast their Beyes would jump by 10 points!. He is a 10 thousand dollar claimer. Maybe if the book has a mile race, he looked good at a mile it seemed that last 16th he wasnt gaining. Leslie rode a great ride, Larry & Sharon got him in the game, we just need everything to line up right ,distance right ,post position right,moon in the right phase (grin) and we will be back in the winners circle. Just so happy he is coming out each race sound.

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