Bummer! Diamonds Dena Finishes 6th


Ronda Rocks (blue blinkers) prevails over Winninginfashion 

Gosh folks, I don’t know what to say.

I was really excited to watch Diamonds Dena run tonight for the Emerald Racing Club. She was 2-1 on the morning line and had just beaten most of the horses she was facing Friday.

So there was good reason for optimism.

But nope. Not tonight. No way, no how.

Diamonds Dena broke lousy from the gate, dropped far back, and failed to muster a rally when jockey Erick Lopez asked her for run. We finished a well-beaten sixth as Ronda Rocks–whom Diamonds Dena beat July 8–held off Winninginfashion for the victory.

Mind you, I don’t mind losing, it’s part of the game. And I’ve been around horse racing a long time–38 years to be exact–and learned long ago to never assume anything in this sport. Thoroughbreds are animals-not machines-and they have their ups and downs just like humans.

Nevertheless, I’m baffled. Dena was 3-for-3 here this year and she wasn’t moving up in class for tonight’s race; $15,000 fillies and mares is her level. But things were amiss from the moment the gate opened. Normally, ‘Dena has tactical speed and drops about four lengths behind the leaders before picking up the pace on the last turn. Tonight, she could barely keep up with Cup of Soup, a deep closer, and it was obvious pretty early that tonight wasn’t her night.

Back to the drawing board. . .

It’s possible that Diamonds Dena might have sustained some sort of mishap leaving the starting gate. Incidentally, it was an abnormally long load as Winninginfashion was a handful while loading and ‘Dena was forced to wait a long time for the break. So something might have been amiss, as no question ‘Dena dropped farther back than normal for her.

I’ll check with Larry and Sharon, and perhaps Erick Lopez passed something along to them as well. ‘Dena did not get claimed, so assuming everything checks out OK we’ll get another crack at the group she faced Friday. I’ll also find out a possible next race for Archie Graham, too.

Happy Longacres Mile Weekend!




4 thoughts on “Bummer! Diamonds Dena Finishes 6th

  1. “DD” really did not run like her self for some reason. I hope she is OK. After a dull race like that, a class drop might be the thing to do thus late in the meet.

  2. I didn’t “see” anything amiss with her other than that bad break that put in train all the rest of what didn’t go right for her. I just hope that she is OK to race another day. Like Vince said, you can never assume anything with horses. Kinda like with humans sometimes, too.

  3. I just hope she is okay also! She is such a beautiful horse! Dena has battled hives and has had to adjust being in our barn. It also looks like she has not had much of a rest either prior to us claiming her and maybe it has caught up with her. We all need our rest.

  4. I too hope she’s okay….I thought something seemed a little off in the paddock even maybe just a little flat not sure. That said looking over her chart with as well as she’s run I did possibly notice one thing, maybe it is all possibly chocked up to the lousy start. It seems that possibly if she drops more than 5 lengths back she just decides to call it a night. From the 1/2 pole to the 3/8 pole she along with the other trailer were gaining on the field and then when Erik asked her for more at the 3/8 pole it just Kinda seemed like she said not thinking so. Anyway assuming she’s okay I did think she ran an okay final 1/8 but obviously way to little way to late.
    One thing is sure we’ve got some of the best who’ll surely figure out what’s up with her and whether she runs for us again or not will do everything possible to get her right back to being DD.
    I remember one time last year old timers vision took forever to load and Charlie waited in the 1 lost forever before he broke slow and got squeezed out on the rail and ran a race a lot like DD’s so hopefully it turns out it’s something that simple and maybe she’s just a little quirky

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