Archie Graham Paddock, Sunday Sept. 4


Hi Emerald Racing Club,

Paddock for Archie Graham, Race 7, 4:45 p.m., Sunday, September 4. We have extra room because we’re on the far (north) side of the paddock.

Kay Ray

Andrew Gohl

Sal Viggsano

Milt Tremblay

Alexa Darin

C.J. Koenig

Gerald Boures

Michael Monelli

Virgil Maas

Ron Barber

David Pitts

Tom Chin

Gary Grant

Annie George

Zee Straight-Weiss

Kevin Murphy

Tammy Miller

Chris Trujillo

Stacy Hanks

Also, Diamonds Dena worked a very easy half-mile Saturday in :53.40 seconds. Entries for her race will be drawn Sunday morning.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Archie Graham Paddock, Sunday Sept. 4

  1. Well gang…’s here, our last opportunity to watch Archie race under our ownership. Let’s have a good turn out and remember win, loose or draw let’s give this guy an amazing send off.

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